Day: September 28, 2020

Installing drywall can be an exciting part of a home renovation because you’re that much closer to completing the project. However, some homeowners may not know that there [...]

Getting a new asphalt roof is a great investment that will last for the next 20 years. That said, any colour choice will also last for the duration [...]

Generally, living rooms are included in kitchen renovations as part of an open layout concept. Other times, the renovations are specific changes like adding new stone masonry or [...]

Finding a qualified and experienced professional is typically the main focus when hiring a painting contractor. If you invest in their work, you want the final project to [...]

Backyard decks can be as simple or as creative in their design as a homeowner wants. There is no limit, and better yet, no matter how it is [...]

When it comes to home exterior insulation, spray foam insulation is a top choice among homeowners. It’s high R-value and versatility make it a smart choice for most [...]

Choosing custom cabinets offers the best flexibility in design, quality materials, and a completely unique style. It also offers homeowners full creative freedom to decide how storage, appearances, [...]

Bathroom renovations are exciting and value-boosting projects, but also ones that have more involved work. Beyond picking the right layout and design, plumbing can add a complicated aspect. [...]

Spray foam insulation is quickly becoming a popular and preferred method of insulation for homes. It is sprayed as a liquid and can cut cooling costs by 20%, [...]

Insulation plays just as important a role in your home’s overall efficiency and comfort as your roof or windows. It helps regulate temperatures and keeps your monthly bills [...]