Qualities to look for in a painter

Finding a qualified and experienced professional is typically the main focus when hiring a painting contractor. If you invest in their work, you want the final project to add value and visual appeal. Finding a painter who is trustworthy and honest is just as important to look for.

Reliable Painters in Edmonton is a professional painting company dedicated to just that: reliable painting. They share what other qualities you should always look for and value in a professional painter:

Patient in work and care

Patience is a quality that every professional should have, not just when listening to your needs, but also in their work. A  professional will take the time to really listen to your goals, wants, or ideas, and factor those into their work. They may provide new paint suggestions or changes that work within your goals and not dismiss them. It’ll also mean that your new paint job won’t be rushed and messy as a result. Companies like Reliable Painters pride themselves on ensuring their customers are always satisfied at the end of a project and not left with more work than before.

Punctual, timely, and thorough

A dependable professional is one that is punctual for all projects and also completes the work on time. If you hire a painter because you plan to sell soon, you want your home to be ready to list on time. Even just a regular renovation shouldn’t drag on for longer than the set timeline. Always remember that your time is just as valuable as the money you spend on a professional’s help.

That said, your paint job should never be rushed and corners shouldn’t be cut for a faster or cheaper job. Hire a painter that does the right prep work, follows procedures, and doesn’t take short cuts – but also finishes the job on schedule as they said they would.

Their reputation speaks for them

In addition to interviewing and questioning a professional painter yourself, take a look at their reviews, and ask for references from previous clients. Photographs may show the best of a finished project, but how were they on the job? Did they drip paint on the carpet and leave a mess? Would previous customers hire them again or recommend them to a friend? These are things a digital photo cannot tell you. A professional’s reputation will speak volumes about their work ethic, how they handled themselves on the job, and what the finished quality of work was like. Happy reviews by customers is a better tell than trying to guess from pictures or certifications alone.

Painters in Edmonton

Reliable Painters places trust as the focus on their work and business with customers. They pride themselves on providing quality work that is reliable and always leaves their customers satisfied at the end. They offer a full range of painting services from interior to exterior. So, if a reliable painter is what you need, you know who to call.

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