Myths about spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation is quickly becoming a popular and preferred method of insulation for homes. It is sprayed as a liquid and can cut cooling costs by 20%, according to Energy Star. Still, there are a few myths about spray foam that may deter some homeowners. Before making a decision based on myths, learn the truth about the benefits of spray foam.

R & N Spray Solutions in Edmonton is a professional insulation company. They debunk some myths surrounding spray foam insulation and share the real benefits instead:

Spray foam is new

In case you haven’t heard about spray foam before, don’t mistakenly think it’s a new method. Spray foam insulation has been around since the 1940s. Over recent years, it has started to grow in popularity. As a long-lasting method and with immediate benefits, it’s a popular choice for commercial needs. That said, it’s also seeing the same popularity starting to spring up in residential homes. With better comfort and lowered cooling costs, it’s an easy choice for homeowners to make.

Closed-cell is better

Spray foam comes as either open-cell or closed-cell insulation. While there are differences between the two, it isn’t really true that one is better than the other. In reality, it comes down to preference, location of use, and whether water is a factor or not. Open-cell insulation refers to the deliberately open nature of the foam cells. This allows it to expand faster, making it ideal for interior use and any small nooks. The downside, however, is that moisture can more readily get into the open cells. That’s where closed-cell spray foam is a more beneficial alternative. Once applied, closed-cell spray foam is completely sealed and airtight, giving it a higher R-value and moisture resistance.

It is worth the cost and insulates less

While it is true that spray foam costs more, it has better long-term savings. The cost is also dependent on the complexity of the project and how much is necessary. Once applied, sealing insulation like spray foam can save upwards of 20% on monthly energy bills and save your HVAC system from working so hard. The estimated pay-back period for spray foam is typically less than 5 years, and from there, it’s all savings.  It is also not true that it is less efficient at insulating, as the spray method is actually more effective. Both the open- and closed-cell spray foam can be used depending on different circumstances. Once dried, the spray foam is also airtight, so no heating or cooling will escape your home.

Spray foam is dangerous to health and climate

In reality, spray foam has less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to other insulation materials. It also doesn’t risk bacteria or mould growing on it, which keeps your home healthier and safer. When spray foam was initially produced and used, it did use harmful chemicals that had negative environmental impacts. However, it has advanced in its technology over the years and now is safe and efficient to use.

Insulation Contractors in Edmonton

At R & N Spray Solutions, their insulation solutions are there to provide energy-efficient solutions that increase the comfort of your home. Your home is in the right hands with their spray foam insulation, skillful professionals, and dedication to quality.

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