5 things you’ll need for DIY landscaping this spring

As you tackle your newest landscaping project this spring, ensure you have the right equipment and supplies. The right tools and supplies are essential whether you add new elements to your yard, reinvigorate your lawn, or simply maintain what you already have.

Whyte Ave Landscape Supplies in Edmonton supplies the landscaping materials and equipment for your spring project. They provide a wide range of high-quality garden products for commercial and residential customers.

1. Gravel and mulch

You might need gravel to create new walkways, patios, or garden beds. Landscapers sometimes call it gravel mulch, and it makes a stable surface for these areas and prevents soil erosion. Several types of gravel are available, including fractured rock, washed rock, decorative rock, crushed gravel, and more.

Landscapers often use wood mulch for flower and plant beds and around tree trunks. Wood mulch can help keep moisture in the ground by preventing evaporation from the sun. Keeping the soil moist means you won’t have to water your plants and trees as often.

2. Landscape fabric

Landscape fabric is a vital component of your landscaping project. If you are using mulch in the applications above, you’ll first have to start with landscape fabric.

Putting landscape fabric beneath your mulch in flower beds, walkways, patios, or other areas can help prevent pesky weed growth. However, moisture can still penetrate the soil and benefit your plants because of its woven fibres. Also, keep in mind that not all landscape fabric is created equal. Talk to the Whyte Ave Landscape Supplies to learn what landscape fabric will work best for your project.

3. Sod or artificial turf

Depending on your landscaping project, you might require sod. Sod is a good option if you’re landscaping a bare yard around your new home. Often, homeowners use sod to replace an older lawn that has been taken over by thatch, weeds or moss. If you want to eliminate your lawn care regime, consider artificial turf. It has come a long way in recent years, looks realistic, and will never need mowing, fertilizing, or watering.

4. Soil

Are you finally putting in the vegetable garden you’ve always wanted? Once your garden beds or boxes are built, it is time to haul in the soil! Whyte Ave Landscape Supplies offers premium soil and garden mix to nourish your seeds and plants and help them grow. Soil and garden mix comes in one-yard or five-gallon bags. If you’re not sure how much you’ll need, speak to someone on their team for advice.

5. Hardscape supplies

You might need some hardscape supplies if you’re really exercising your DIY skills. Hardscape supplies, including paving stones or slabs for your patio and walkways. It also includes the materials you’ll need to construct retaining walls, flower and garden beds, firepits, and other key features of your landscape design. Whyte Ave Landscape Supplies has an extensive range of stone and tile products, slabs, concrete edging, and complete landscaping kits.

Landscaping Materials and Supplies in Edmonton

Whyte Ave Landscape Supplies Centre offers landscape supplies, landscaping tool rental, landscaping pavers and other materials. Whether you’re a DIYer embarking on a landscape project, or a contractor looking for a quality supplier, you’ll find what you need at White Ave Landscape Supplies.

Visit Whyte Ave Landscape Supplies, Edmonton’s one-stop-shop for landscape supplies! 

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