Do I need emergency electrical repair?

Electricity is responsible for powering our homes and is a wonderful and convenient technology. If something goes wrong with your electrical system, it also be very dangerous. Steveco Electric Inc. in Winnipeg shares some advice on whether your issues could cause an electrical emergency:

You are at risk of an electric shock or house fire.

There are signs of faulty electrical wiring and systems that should not be ignored:

Faulty appliances that are showing signs of worn electrical wires. If you think your appliances are faulty, stop using them and replace them immediately.

Damaged cords are also a hazard. If you have damaged cords on any appliances, electronics or even extension cord – throw them out and replace them.

If you suspect your wiring is faulty, call Steveco Electric for emergency repairs. This includes scorched walls, outlets and switches, burning smells and/or noticeable sparks coming out of outlets. You should also call an electrician if your circuit breaker keeps tripping.

All of these issues could cause an electric shock or a house fire.

There has been a small electrical fire in your home.

If your wiring was exposed or overloaded, it could cause an electrical fire. If you’ve had a small fire, and were able to safely extinguish it with your fire extinguisher, you need to call the fire department. Once they’ve declared the situation under control, contact an electrician as soon as possible. An electrician will fix the damage, install new electrical wire and ensure your new wires and system are safe for use.

NEVER use water on electrical fires as it can fuel the fire.

The outdoor power lines are down.

If a power line has fallen near your house, call the local electrical company as soon as possible! Keep all people and pets away from the power lines. If someone is injured or gets an electric shock, call emergency services. This is not something an electrician can fix, so get that electrical company on the line as soon as possible so they can fix the problem and make the area safe again.

Electricians in Winnipeg

If you suspect you have older or worn out wiring, don’t wait until it’s an emergency before calling an electrician. Get one in to inspect your current system today. They can make recommendations for safety and upgrades that might better suit your needs.

The experienced electricians at Steveco Electric will work with you to help you decide what options would work best for your electrical needs. They do everything from residential wiring, custom renovations, knob and tube removal, and commercial and industrial applications.

Need an electrician you can count on? Call Steveco Electric Inc.!


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