Drywall mistakes: why you need a professional to help

In theory, applying drywall seems like an easy DIY project to handle on your own. However, despite being touted as DIY, mistakes can easily happen. Some mistakes can lead to costly repairs or terrible results, and others may lead to safety concerns. That’s why, instead of DIYing, it’s always better to call a professional to help.

Standard Drywall Ltd. in Vancouver offers full-service residential and commercial drywall services. They share some common drywall mistakes that can be avoided by hiring their pros instead:

Not buying enough or too much drywall

Overestimating or even underestimating how much drywall you need is a common mistake. Not buying enough drywall can lead to a delay in your project timeline if you run out of drywall. If you are renovating your home or preparing to sell, unexpected delays like these are a problem. Likewise, buying too much drywall is a wasted expense, especially if you have much more than you need. Having a little extra drywall is good, to provide some elbow room, but otherwise, it’s money wasted.

Over-sanding and driving screws too deep

Two hand-in-hand problems are over sanding drywall and driving the screws or nails in too deep. When screws are driven beneath the drywall’s surface, it leaves little room for the paper to hold them in place. If this happens, the screws will lose their strength and ability to hold the drywall in place. One or two overdriven screws are fixable, but multiple ones affect the safety of the drywall sheets.

Over-sanding is an easy mistake, especially when trying to get a flawless drywall finish. Instead, though, it wears down the joints and seams and ends up needing to be re-taped. In some cases, it may even affect the integrity of the drywall, and the entire section will need replacing.

Too much mud and not enough time

Drywall mud or joint compound is what helps secure the taping and seal joints, and covers nail and screw heads. If done right, it leaves a smooth, seamless finish for your drywall. When too much mud is applied, it ends up cracking and leaving gaps. These are easy to fill, but it adds unnecessary time to the project. Too little mud, though, leaves behind depressions in the seams or visible bumps on the surface. If there isn’t enough mud under the tape, it will lift off instead.

Another problem is not allowing mud layers enough time to dry in-between before applying the next one. At least three coats of mud must go on, but each layer has to dry first. If not, the drywall tape may come loose, or you’ll have to scrape off the excess and start again.

Leave it to the professionals

While drywall can be DIYed, there’s plenty of room for error without the right experience and skill. Hire a professional to guarantee that there won’t be any mistakes or extra costs for repairs. Not only do they have the right tools, but they have years of experience and skill. You’ll save plenty of time, stress, and headaches and instead be able to enjoy the results of a professional’s work. Plus, it’ll help improve your home’s value by having properly and professionally installed drywall.

Drywall Contractors in Vancouver

With over 10 years of drywall experience, Standard Drywall Ltd. guarantees their skill and quality are the best. They offer everything from boarding, ceiling, textures, taping, and much more. Any drywall help or service you need, Standard Drywall Ltd. is ready to provide.

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