Metal roofing: exposed fastener vs standing seam

When it’s time to replace your roof, consider options beyond the same type of roofing you already have. Metal roofing, for example, offers just as many benefits and has an incredibly long lifespan. As far as investments go, metal roofing is a choice where you can’t go wrong.

Red Panda Roofing and Siding Ltd. in Edmonton is a professional roofing and exterior services company. They share about the benefits of metal roofing and the difference between exposed fastener and standing seam:

Benefits of a metal roof

For a long-lasting, highly-efficient, and durable roof, metal roofing is the best choice. Compared to other roof materials, metal can easily last for upwards of 40-70 years. Its durability means that corrosion, snow, rain, or even high winds won’t cause damage or be a problem.

Metal is also resistant to insects, rot, and fire, which not all other roofs are. For homeowners looking for a budget-friendly option as well, metal’s natural lightweight helps cut back on costs. The installation is easier and quicker, as a result, making the labour cost less as well.

Metal will naturally reflect sunlight and heat, which makes your home much more efficient. In the summer months, it can help reduce energy bills and heating by 10-25%. It is also made from upwards of 95% recycled materials and is completely recyclable at the end of its lifespan. If you’re planning to sell, an eco-friendly and energy-efficient roof will be appreciated and noticed by potential buyers.

Exposed fastener

This style is typically used in residential homes and fastens the panels directly into the roof framing below. The exposed design refers to the visible head of each fastener. The main benefit of this style is it is the least expensive way to install a metal roof. Because the panels are wider, it also means there is less labour involved to install. Plus, there are fewer accessories needed to fasten each panel, further bringing the cost down. Visually exposed fasteners give your home a more traditional look that is popular among rural homes.

There are some considerations, however, with exposed fastener roofing. Most notably, there are more holes in your roof than with other methods. The risk of this is a higher chance of water getting in and causing damage as the metal expands and contracts. Regular maintenance and checks, though, will help to prevent any damage. Clearing debris, leaves, or checking for loose fasteners, will help keep your roof in top shape. While the easier installation seems like the perfect DIY project, the fasteners can easily come loose unless properly installed. Invest in a professional to install and maintain your roof to ensure a long lifespan with no problems and great ROI.

Standing Seam

With a standing seam roof, the fasteners are hidden beneath each metal panel. That creates a seamless and sleek appearance that gives your home a higher quality and modern look. The lack of exposed fasteners is the main benefit of this style as the metal can expand and contract better. That, in turn, helps protect your home against any possible water damage and keeps your roof’s strength intact. The disadvantages, however, are that it is more expensive and more labour intensive. The complexity of the seams makes it especially important to find the right skilled contractor. If any damages or repairs do occur, it will be much harder to do repairs. Each panel will need to be removed first, which makes the process much more complicated.

When it comes to choosing between the two, there is no wrong answer. If appearance is a factor, then standing seam may be the preferred choice. For a matter of timeline and budget, then exposed fastener is ideal. If you’re unsure, talk to your roofing contractor. They’ll help you choose the best material and the right design to suit your home and needs.

Roofers in Edmonton

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