Landscape features and designs that boost resale value

If you’re investing in landscaping, get a future return on that investment by keeping resale in mind. Curb appeal is the first thing a potential buyer will like, or dislike, about your home – and that means good landscaping. With the right design and features, you’ll boost resale value for your property and make for an easy sale in the future.

Canadian Vintage Landscapes in St. Albert is a professional, full-service landscaping company. They share some features and design tips to help boost your home’s resale value:

Work with your home’s architecture 

Part of boosting your home’s curb appeal means drawing the eye to the beauty and aesthetics of your home. If you have a pastel or neutral coloured home, adding colourful flora will add complementary colour. For a house with an older style, stick with more classic additions, such as shrubbery bushes and neat flower beds. More modern homes, though, will appreciate stone pathways and maybe a water feature. 

Go for all-year but low maintenance 

A gorgeous yard may draw the interest of buyers initially, but not if it comes with major upkeep. Perennials, for example, don’t have to be replanted and only need minimal care. Small bushes are also easy to maintain and trim, while still looking beautiful. Likewise, choose plants that will grow or flower all year. You don’t want your home to look stunning at only a certain point in the year—you want it to look that way all year. That way, no matter when you put your house up, or the market is slow, your house will always look like a contender. Buyers will also appreciate a yard that will stay beautiful, even without a lot of attention or extra cost.

Create pathways and shapes

Don’t feel the need to only focus on flowers, bushes, and lawn space to spruce up your yard. You want buyers to see a yard where they can sit outside and enjoy themselves or host friends and family. The best way to do that is to create shapes and pathways throughout the yard where they can envision that. An area with retaining walls and a linked pathway will create the perfect space for outdoor seating. Adding a small water feature, surrounded by plants, gives the sense of an outdoor oasis. Even pathways from the front leading to the back will create a welcoming sense of continuity.

Don’t forget lighting 

Lighting is key when you want to shine some focus on different features throughout your yard. Spotlights are great for trees, water features, or specific flower beds. You don’t just want a space that you can enjoy during the day; there should also be potential for some nighttime enjoyment. Keep in mind that lighting can work as visually aesthetic additions as well. Fairy lights in the flower beds or spotlights in the trees, for example, help create variation in both design and lighting.

Landscapers in St. Albert 

Customer satisfaction and lowering carbon footprints are the two goals at Canadian Vintage Landscapes. With over 20 years of experience landscaping homes and creating dream yards, they guarantee they are the ones to call. They offer landscape design, natural rock, retaining walls, ponds, and much more.

Contact Canadian Vintage Landscapes and transform your yard!

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