Energy Efficient Windows


Windows are one of the biggest contributors to energy loss in the home, especially during Canada’s cold winter months. Not only will installing energy efficient windows improve curb appeal and increase the resale value of your home, it will also reduce energy loss and energy costs.

Where are you losing heat?

Heat always moves from warm areas to colder areas, meaning the warm and cozy air in your home will stop at nothing trying to escape into the cold winter outside. Heat energy can be absorbed by the glass in your windows and doors and then radiate toward the colder side. Heat can also be lost through air moving near and in the space between the glass panes. If you have a leaky seal, gaps in your window frame, or poor insulation warm air can escape.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-Efficient-Windows-2 Where old windows were usually single or double pane, new window technology allows for greater energy efficiency. Windows are now manufactured with a chamber of argon gas  between airtight, double-glazed insulated, low-emissivity (low-E) glass panes. Not only will they help to keep warm air from escaping your home, they help reduce noise transmission and are less likely to experience condensation in cold weather.

Low-E glass glass is coated with an invisible, metallic oxide layer. It reduces the radiant heat transfer from the warm side of the glass to the cold side. The surfaces that have the low-E coating face each other leaving that small gap between them.

The gap is filled with argon gas, reducing the amount of heat conducted out through the air space between layers of low-E glass. Argon is clear, odorless and non-toxic. It is less conductive than regular air, reduces the overall transfer of heat and is a good insulator.

In addition to this window insulation technology features like spacers, adhesive, casings, hardware and improved installation methods have all been improved to further enhance the efficiency of today’s windows and doors.

If new energy efficient windows are properly installed they will:

–  increase your comfort in the home

–  reduce condensation on glass in the winter

–  reduce outside noise

–  reduce energy use

–  reduce ENERGY BILL

According to ENERGY STAR® homeowners who replace their old windows and doors with energy efficient products will save about 7 percent on their energy bills. Those who buy new homes can save about 16 percent on their energy bills by choosing high efficiency windows over standard products. This is because newer homes usually have bigger windows and more of them.

ENERGY STAR® Approved Windows

ENERGY STAR® has divided Canada into four climate zones based on each zones average annual temperature. Different types of energy efficient windows receive ENERGY STAR® qualifications in each specific zone. Some windows will meet qualifications for all zones and the more zones the product is qualified in generally means the more efficient it is. If you live in Edmonton, you would be in Zone C. Learn more about climate zones for Alberta.

Products that have the ENERGY STAR® symbol have met strict technical specifications for high efficiency without compromising performance in other areas. They are high performers and the best you can buy for energy efficiency on the mainstream market.

Energy Efficient Windows with RenovationFind has compiled a directory of window manufacturers and installers that all meet our strict criteria.  These window companies sell high quality, energy efficient windows and doors and have proven their credibility from sales to installation and service.  Tighten up your home’s efficiency before winter hits by contacting a window company in our directory from your city in Canada:

Alberta British Columbia Saskatchewan
Edmonton Kelowna Regina
Calgary Vancouver Saskatoon
Manitoba Nova Scotia Newfoundland
Winnipeg Halifax St. John’s
Ontario Quebec New Brunswick
Toronto Montreal Fredericton
Barrie Quebec City Moncton
Hamilton Saint John


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