Enhance Your Outdoor Space with a Water Feature

Babbling brooks, raging waterfalls,  trickle of a fountain or a serene pond are all options when it comes to designing and installing a water feature in your outdoor space. All of these features should be well thought out keeping maintenance in mind. If you place the feature facing a living room, or main window you can extend your water gardening from April to November weather depending. Attractive rocks and plants can all add to a water feature and create a tranquil calming place for you your children, and wild animals. A favourite place to relax.

If considering a contractor to do the work, ask them if they offer maintenance services. If you have problems with the water feature, they should be around to fix the problem. Landscaping companies in Edmonton, have often seen poorly constructed water features that require a complete rebuild because of leaks during construction, the use of improper equipment that can lead to maintenance nightmares, poor design, settling stream edges creating overflows and list goes on.

What should you look for when selecting a water feature or landscape contractor? 

Most contractors have photos of past work; however, you should also see their work in person. You should also ask for references and talk to homeowners that have used their services, ensure they have all licenses, surety bond, and especially liability, and WCB coverage.  If they are a accredited by RenovationFind.com, you know they have passed all of the most important background checks to ensure quality workmanship and customer service. Sometimes it is better to choose a landscaping company that specializes in water features rather than hire a jack of all trades.

Landscape contractors should be broken into categories:

– Arborists
– Lawn and garden maintenance
– Irrigation installers
– Paving stone and retaining wall installers
– Grading and soft planting
– Deck and fence construction.
– And you guessed it WATER FEATURES.

One of the biggest concerns with water feature installation is whether or not the person installing it is skilled and has enough experience. It is not as easy as you might think.  Experienced pond experts can build the water feature quickly, efficiently and do the job right the first time saving you money. The installer should have years of experience, more than just building a handful of water features.

The proper equipment for a pond should include skimmers, mechanical filtration with valves for monthly maintenance, proper pump sizing so your raging waterfall doesn’t become a trickling stream. They should also have check valves so water doesn’t backflow when the power goes out, proper water storage when the power does go out and a overflow if it rains.

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