Why hire a professional for your garage renovation?

Photo credit: Zone Garage, Calgary

Your garage can be a clean and functional space, adding value to your home. Instead of boxes, bicycles and lawn care equipment piling up the sides and back of it, it can be clutter-free with a proper place for everything, room to park your vehicles or to utilize a work space. If you’re ready to embark on a garage renovation, you should consider hiring one of Calgary’s best garage floor coating companies or garage storage company from RenovationFind.com.

There are many benefits to hiring the professionalism of a garage transformation expert. A DIY attempt could go wrong and in many cases, many professional garage renovations are to fix up those failed attempts. That means that all the work and money spent is wasted and the homeowner is now starting from scratch.

There are many components to a garage renovation including new flooring installation, garage cabinets, wall and other specialty storage as well as new garage doors and garage door openers. Picture the end result you’d like to achieve with your garage renovation:

– New garage flooring with protective coating.
– Wall storage panel to hold your yard tools, sports equipment, winter tires and other odds and ends.
– A workbench with custom cabinetry for your tools.
– Overhead storage racks where you’ll store seasonal items like Christmas decorations or summer toys.

Learn how to organize a garage on a budget.

Potential DIY garage renovation disaster!

Imagine what it would take if you decided to tackle this garage renovation by yourself. You can pick up DIY flooring at the local hardware store, but first you have to empty out your garage, put everything in storage, clean out the garage and carefully follow the instructions for installation. Now you have to wait for everything to dry.

Now you can deal with installing the other features you wanted including purchasing low quality cookie cutter cabinetry from a big box store and installing it yourself. You want to install some wall and overhead storage too and spend some time viewing instructional videos on YouTube and searching things like “How to organize a garage?” Once you’ve figured it out you can do the work in your spare time, usually during evenings and weekends. Once you’re done, weeks or even months have gone by and you can finally start moving your stuff back into your new garage.

What if you hired a professional garage renovation company?

When you hire a professional garage renovation company, to do floor coatings or install storage solutions, you’ll find that the installers can often do the work in a day or two. They will arrive with a mobile workshop in their fully equipped truck with all the equipment, tools and expertise to install your new garage floor or garage cabinets. Your new garage will be ready to use again before you know it.

A professional won’t skip any of the very important steps either. In the case of flooring, those installers will have ground your old concrete floor to ensure adhesion, conducted any necessary repairs and prepared the surface properly so your new garage floor will be long-lasting.

Not only will hiring a professional ensure efficient and proper installation of flooring, cabinets and storage solutions, the work and products will often be backed by a warranty. A reputable garage renovation company will stand by their products and services and can predict it lasting for years, but if something does go wrong, you will have peace of mind knowing a trustworthy company will be around to honour those needed repairs and services.

If you’re ready for a garage makeover, contact the professional garage renovators. They will come to your home and give you a design consultation. During this consultation you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideas, discuss the scope of the project and review the products and services that will complete your garage renovation.

After the design is approved and the project is confirmed and installation dates are scheduled. While the installers are at your home working on your garage, they will be available to answer any more questions you might have. Once they’re done – you can start enjoying your brand new garage!




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