Factors to work into your outdoor living landscape

Outdoor living is a popular term for landscape designs and spaces, but what does it really mean? The term itself can mean outdoor entertainment, designated seating, maybe even an outdoor kitchen. With so many different possibilities, knowing what to factor in will help with the design process.

Bright Habitats in Edmonton is a professional landscaping company for outdoor living. They share some tips and factors for designing your perfect outdoor living landscape:

Start with the purpose

Before settling on a design and feature addition, think about how you plan to use the space. Do you enjoy sitting outdoors and quietly enjoying nature? Maybe you like to entertain friends and want an outdoor space in the summer. It can also include gardeners who want an edible landscape or space to practice their green thumb. If you plan to have outdoor lighting for nighttime enjoyment, that will include wiring. There’s no right or wrong answer, but make sure you know exactly how you want to use the space, to then plan the perfect design.

Factor in the weather

As nice as it would be, you can’t guarantee the sun will be shining all the time. And even if it is, have you factored in shaded areas? Once you know how you want to use the space, make sure you can enjoy it no matter the weather. Pergola’s can be a great way to provide shade during really hot days or protection from light rain. Privacy fences keep your outdoor space private but also help block the wind. If you have a designated seating area, use a privacy fence to create a separate room with plenty of protection. Don’t forget that trees and bushes can be planned into the landscape design to add shade or create a break in the visual layout.

Create “rooms”

A key part of outdoor living is making sure you have specific designations and planned spaces. Just like your home’s interior has a clear living room or kitchen space, so should the outdoors. Paved patios create a sense of “flooring” where seating and lounge furniture can be added. Pathways can lead you to other spaces in the yard, like a feature fountain or private nook for reading and relaxing. An outdoor kitchen with a pergola makes a great space for entertaining friends or enjoying an outdoor meal. It also helps to visually break up the space and add more interest and appeal. If you need help with the design, talk to your professional landscaper for some tips or new ideas.

Landscapers in Edmonton

Bright Habitats has over 20 years of landscape experience and proven customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on building both functional yet appealing spaces that fit your every need. Whether your dream is outdoor living landscape work or interior living like bathroom renovations, their professionals can help.

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