Fibre cement siding: what to consider and its benefits

When it comes to choosing protection for your home, good siding should be at the top of the list. The right siding will last for years, add value, thermal performance, and can be a low-maintenance choice. There are many options available, but fibre cement siding is a top contender for many reasons. 

Blind River Construction Inc. in Airdrie specializes in exterior renovations. They share more about what makes fibre cement siding such a great choice:

Pro: it’s incredibly durable

The very same benefits that concrete on its own offers also translate to fibre cement siding. It’s incredibly durable, which means it won’t rot, warp, crack, degrade, or break down easily. That same resistance then lends itself to a long lifespan, even up to 75 years. Once installed, it’s the type of siding that keeps adding value and looks good no matter what. 

Pro: eco-friendly benefits

Unlike other siding options, fibre cement siding is an eco-friendlier option. As a man-made material, it won’t break down or release harmful toxins into the air. It also uses less energy overall to craft the siding. Thanks to its long lifespan, it’s less likely to end up in any landfills. As a low-maintenance option, there won’t be costly paints or products needed to clean the siding. Some paints or products can be harmful to the environment, but no cleaning means low impact. 

Pro: no fire risk

Unsurprisingly, fibre cement is not at risk from fires or fire damage. Neither heat nor flame affects the siding, and it offers the highest available rating. Other materials like wood or vinyl either increase the risk of a fire or become severely damaged. Costly repairs and replacements can increase the cost over time, instead of saving more the way fibre cement siding does.

Consider: higher cost

One key thing to factor into your decision and budget is the higher costs of fibre cement siding. Compared to other materials, especially vinyl, fibre cement is on the higher end of pricing. That said, also factor in the long-term savings that the siding will offer. The initial costs will pay themselves back with lower maintenance, fewer repair costs, and added overall home value. It’s a long-term investment with even longer payback benefits. 

Consider: skilled labour

Some siding can be DIYed, but it’s best to leave it to a professional as a general rule. Fibre cement siding is the same, with the exception that it needs a skilled professional. The weight alone makes the installation more complicated, and improper work can lead to costly issues. Gaps in the siding risk water or pests getting in and costing repairs both inside and out. When looking for a professional, make sure they have the right experience, training, and warranties. That way, your investment will be sound, and you won’t have to worry about the unexpected happening. 

Siding Contractors in Airdrie

At Blind River Construction, they specialize in exterior renovations and have 14 years of experience. That means that they can help with any improvements, installations or upgrades and guarantee the quality and value of work. Whether you need new siding, a home facelift or a curb appeal improvement, they are the ones to call.

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