For dangerous tree removal, call the professionals

Having trees in our yards and landscapes has many benefits. They improve soil and water conservation, provide shade, regulate temperature extremes, store carbon, and enhance wildlife habitat in urban and rural settings. Unfortunately, there are times when trees can be dangerous.

Skidstree Services in Edmonton is a certified arborist and tree maintenance company that offers dangerous tree removal. They share how signs a tree has become hazardous and why only experienced professionals should remove dangerous trees.

Knowing when a tree poses a hazard

If a tree could fall and impact someone or something, it’s considered a hazardous tree. For example, a large tree could be leaning towards your home or over the yard where children play. A tree could be leaning or growing too close to powerlines. Sometimes a storm can damage a tree, causing it to become a hazard to people and property. Often, trees become less stable as they age and could pose a risk.

When this happens, these dangerous trees need to be dealt with before injury or damage occurs. That’s when it’s time to call in the professionals at Skidstree Services.

Professional dangerous tree removal

Skidstree Services is Central Alberta’s number one tree service company that specializes in dangerous tree removal. For more than 30 years, this certified arborist service has been tree climbing, maintaining trees, and removing trees.

They have a planning crew, which is vital for dangerous tree removal. Sometimes, like after a storm, a lift truck cannot access the damaged trees in question. These trees could pose a threat by leaning over a building or powerline. These situations require a team of trained, experienced professionals to develop an action plan to remove the trees and clean up the mess safely and effectively.

They also have a climbing crew and a lift truck crew, with each team member receiving extensive training in their specialty. Their expertise and equipment allow them to climb and fall trees safely, even between buildings and other obstacles. Learn more about the dangers of tree removal.

Because they are certified arborists, they are licensed to deal with trees that have encroached or fallen on powerlines. Removing or cleaning up after these trees is dangerous work. Only an experienced professional with the right equipment should attempt hazardous tree removal.

Any tree for anyone

Skidstree Services can assist you with any problem tree, whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or municipality. They can help you with dangerous tree removal, pruning, trimming, and all the clean-up, including stump grinding and chipping. If you need a tree removed or would like to keep your trees healthy with trimming and pruning, Skidstree Services is the one to call.

Arborist in Edmonton

Skidstree Services is based out of Edmonton but serves all of Northern and Central Alberta. They also offer emergency services if a tree is posing an immediate danger to your property. If you have one or more dangerous trees that need to be deal with, don’t wait.

Contact Skidstree Services for a free estimate!

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