Hire a Plumber for Major Home Renovations

Plumbers in Vancouver

If you have a leaky faucet, you might able to take care of that fix yourself. If you’re roughing in plumbing for a major home renovation, moving plumbing or need an entire plumbing overhaul, you should leave those jobs to a professional plumbing company.

Brian’s Plumbing in Langley shares why:

Plumbers are certified and trained to do it correctly and to building code.

There are some things DIYers can tackle at home, and some that should always be left to the professionals. These jobs include electrical, gas fitting and plumbing. The main reasons are safety and causing damage to your home or the municipality’s property. For example, you make a mistake while trying to move a plumbing stack or connecting drains during a major kitchen renovation. You can end up with inefficient piping or even sewer gasses backing up into your home.

In most municipalities, you will need any major changes to your plumbing system inspected and signed off on by a certified plumber to meet building codes. Without the expert advice and work of a plumber, you might face delays and expensive changes to the project. Save yourself the time, money and headache by hiring a pro to do it from the start.

Plumbers work with general contractors and designers.

If you are finishing your basement to include a bathroom and kitchenette, or totally changing the lay out of your kitchen, you are going to need a design plan drafted. In the example of a kitchen renovation, a plumber will have to work with the interior designer to make sure that connections for appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher and even the stove are incorporated into the plan. They might have to check and change the layout of existing pipes and can offer suggestions to making the new system functional for your new kitchen design.

Roughing in plumbing is a difficult and complicated process.

Most of the plumbing work done for your major renovation will happen long before any finishes are installed. Once demolition has taken place, the next step is roughing in the plumbing. All the drains and supply lines must be lined up perfectly and in accordance to the design plan. If they don’t line up perfectly, you’ll have to pay a plumber to come in and fix your mistakes.

If you’re roughing in plumbing for a basement renovation, you have a huge undertaking before you! You’ll have to install a drain, waste and vent system. This requires the hard, back breaking labour of breaking up the concrete on the basement floor to run pipes to the main drain. You’ll need a jack hammer and will have to learn how to plumb a bathroom in the basement. 

Then you’ll have to make sure to connect the basement bathroom plumbing to the vent lines in the ceiling. A professional plumber will know what to do. They’ll know where to locate connections in your current plumbing system. The pros will have the tools and experience to get the job done more efficiently.

Plumbers in Vancouver

The technicians at Brian’s Plumbing are trained to provide a combination of the highest-quality technical services and pleasant customer service. They’ll make your renovation or repair process as painless as possible for you – whether they’re fixing your leaky pipes or replacing your forced-air furnace. Brian’s Plumbing will even sell and install tankless water heaters and hot water systems, toilets, sinks and faucets.

Need a plumber for your renovation? Contact Brian’s Plumbing!


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