How electricians can add value to your home

There are a few ways to add electrical value, from simple changes like LED bulbs to optimizing the wiring layout. Of course, DIY electrical work isn’t a safe route, so always call a professional. With their help, those changes will be lasting and tailored to your home. 

Emanuel Electrical Inc. in Coquitlam is a professional electrical company. They share how their team can add value to your home:

Install GFCI’s

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters help keep your home safe against electrical surges and potential fires. If you own an older home, it may not have the proper grounding outlets. These outlets are designed to turn off any electrical power in case a ground fault happens. Bathrooms, kitchens, or any areas around water must have GFCIs. 

Upgrade the service panel

This upgrade can be done in any home and is a sure way to add value. Outdated panels don’t have the necessary power or safety features to keep your home safe. A new panel eliminates the risk of electrical shocks, ensures proper electrical load capacity, and boosts resale value. In addition, an upgraded panel will last for years and lets potential buyers know that the home won’t need sudden electrical repairs.

In addition, you must label the panel correctly. Labelling the panel properly is not only a code requirement, but also adds safety and convenience when breaker’s trip or when servicing any part of a branch circuit.

Install outdoor lighting

In addition to adding aesthetic value to your property, outdoor lighting adds value and safety. It can highlight specific design elements like home architecture or landscaping, adding to the curb appeal. Safety-wise, a lit outdoor area keeps your home and self much more secure. There won’t be any tripping hazards along pathways, and potential intruders will be deterred from trying to break in.

Change to LED bulbs

This simple change adds value to your home and cuts down those monthly bills. LED bulbs have a longer lifespan, better energy efficiency, and no heat or UV emissions. Compared to other bulbs, these can last for six to 12 years before needing to be replaced. Efficiency-wise, these are 60% to 70% more efficient which helps cut down utility costs and provides better lighting. 

Rework the electrical system

Sometimes a complete electrical rework of your home is the best way to restore value and function. That is especially true if your home has outdated knob and tube wiring. These have no ground wiring, which increases the risk of electrical fires and shocks. Reworking the electrical system can also improve your lighting layout, adding value, function, and comfort. 

Electricians in Coquitlam

Emanuel Electrical Inc. provides professional and detailed electrical work. Their team guarantees that your home improves the value, safety, and long-lasting quality you need. With their support, you can rest easy knowing your home is secure and your monthly bills are down.

Contact Emanuel Electrical Inc. today!

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