How to choose the right AC for your home and needs

Whether your old AC has broken down or it’s nearing the end, picking a replacement is an important decision. Different factors, like size and efficiency, will affect which type is right for your home. That’s why being informed before you buy will guarantee you get the right pick.

Furnace King Home Services in Mississauga is a full-service HVAC company. They share what you need to know when choosing the right AC for your home:

Start with the right size

The right size is a crucial first decision with a new AC. It will affect how well the unit works and how much you spend on monthly cooling. Too small, and the unit will overwork itself trying to cool your home. Too big is just as much of a problem as the unit will cost more to install and won’t run as efficiently. To get the right size, measure each room’s square footage, and multiply it by the required cooling capacity. Otherwise, talking to a professional as well for a second opinion will guarantee you get the right size.

What type of unit do you want?

The next step is considering what type of unit you want or need. The three most common types are either a central AC unit, a window unit, or a portable unit. Central AC’s are built into a single boxed unit that sits either on the roof or outside the home. They then connect to the air ducts and draw in cold air from the outdoors to cool the entire house. They become a part of the heating and cooling system as a whole.

Windows units, as their name suggests, sit in the window as a small box and provide cooling for individual rooms. Portable units can be carried around and moved to different rooms as needed. While a central AC may be more expensive, it offers better value and savings over the long-term, making it a worthwhile investment.

Consider the energy efficiency

The better your new AC’s energy efficiency, the more savings you will enjoy monthly. The higher the rating, the longer the units will last. They will also run more efficiently and can be easier to control and customize. Some have energy-saving modes that shut off once the room’s temperature goal has been reached. Others have programmable settings to decide what temperature the room should comfortably reach. The best way to ensure you get an efficient AC is to pick an ENERGY STAR certified model. These models are built to be efficient, long-lasting, and use 10% less energy on average.

HVAC Companies in Mississauga 

Furnace King Home Services stands behind their products and the value they provide in your home. Their professionals provide quality installation, support, and help so that your home is outfitted for years of peace of mind. Their services include air conditioning, heating, clean air filtration, emergency services, and more. No matter what you need, their professionals are just a call away.

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