How to find the right landscape maintenance company for the job 

Yard work and care takes a lot of work, planning, time, and cost. That’s why working with a professional is a great way to ensure your property is handled right. But when looking for the right company, there’s the matter of finding the right company for your needs and goals.

Phoenix Landscaping in Edmonton is a professional and qualified landscaping maintenance company. They share more about how to find the right landscape company for your needs:

Know what you need 

Before you can hire a company to help, you need to know exactly what you need. Is it a full yard makeover that requires heavy machinery, skilled labour, a design plan? Do you want seasonal property maintenance so you never have to worry about it? Or you just want help now and again with lawn care or clearing away snow in the winter months. Whatever your needs may be, start with narrowing down your goals, needs, and how much you can do alone. That way, you can easily sort through companies and find the right one.

Look at specialties

Specializations are another great way to both find your perfect match but also find qualified companies. Some companies focus on lawn care and maintenance and some on landscape installation. Phoenix Landscaping does both! They can help you with landscape projects like rock or wood chip bed installation, sod installation, shrub and tree planting. They can also install some hardscape features in your landscape to help complete the look. Finding a company that specializes in the services you require will ensure you’re getting a quality job, and the yard facelift you wanted!

Ask away!

Don’t be afraid or hesitate to ask questions before hiring a contractor. You don’t have to pick the first company you come across, and the more questions you ask, the better feel for their work you’ll get. Find out how long they have been in business and what qualifications and insurances they have. Ask how they can help with your project, about the cost, and how long it would take. If you’re opting for an ongoing lawn and yard care service, make sure you know exactly what is included. The more information you have, the easier that final decision will be.

Do your research

Look at past reviews, portfolios, and ask around to see what others say about the company. Don’t just focus on costs either, and be sure you aren’t picking the cheapest option without considering others. Even a higher-cost landscape project can easily have a better payoff in the long run and a bigger value boost for your property. A well-maintained property will also retain or increase its value.

Landscapers in Edmonton

Phoenix Landscaping proudly provides the best service, quality, and appeal on every project. Their goal is to leave their customers completely satisfied with their work, so there’s no regret or dissatisfaction. They offer a range of services from seasonal cleanup, fertilizing, ground maintenance, and more.

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