How to maintain the lifespan of your hot water tank

Making sure that the water tank in your home is properly functioning is an important responsibility of any homeowner. With a few easy maintenance steps, you will be able to keep your hot water tank running properly, and have it last long into the future. Here are some ways to maintain your hot water tank to improve its lifespan from Loewen Plumbing & Gas Fitting Ltd. in Edmonton.

Flush your water tank once a year

Depending on which model of hot water tank you have, this may vary. You can probably find instructions on how to do so somewhere on the tank. Still, flushing it out once a year will improve the efficiency of the tank. There may be a build-up that can accumulate in the tank, which can cause problems with the tank. It can lead to a decrease in the lifespan, and the complete replacement of the tank. Flushing it out will ensure that it remains effective, and cause fewer problems in the future.

Check the anode rod

The anode rod is a metal piece of the hot water tank that hangs inside. It’s responsible for protecting your hot water tank from rusting. A sign that it may need to be replaced is if it’s beginning to show signs of corroded material. This can be harmful to the water and the tank. The anode rod can be replaced as a solo part if caught early, but if left to long may result in damage to the entire tank.

Give it a visual inspection periodically. 

Hot water tanks are usually fine – until they’re not – and then you can have a leak or even a flood. If you have an older tank, it’s important to give it a visual inspection periodically. Look near the top of the tank where the pipes enter and check for leaks or corrosion. If there is an issue at the top of the tank, it can usually be fixed.

You should also look around the bottom of the tank for signs of wear or possible leaks. Sometimes, there is corrosion near the bottom of the tank caused by settled sediment. This can cause the bottom of the tank to leak or even come off if it’s not caught quickly. If your tank is showing signs of wear and leakage at the bottom, or it’s more than 10 years old, it might be time to replace it.

Insulating the tank

Insulating your hot water tank will improve how efficient the tank heats up. If you were to insulate it, it takes less energy for the tank to warm up the water. It only has to be done once rather than periodically, making it an easy task to do. You’ll save money on your bills, have hot water, and have a properly functioning tank.

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