How to protect your home with the right drywall

Professional renovations can add protection to your home in several ways. Home exteriors are often the first place we consider renovating when we consider protecting our home from the elements- or from Calgary’s winters. There are, however, interior renovations that also add a level of protection. For example, expert and professional drywall installations safeguard your home from moisture, disasters like floods and fires, and overall aging. And drywall makes a great ceiling material as well.

Stampede Drywall in Calgary is an experienced team of drywall installers who can help you pick the best level of protection. As knowledgeable drywall and ceiling experts, the Stampede team creates finished products that are clean, smooth, and seamless. They share the best ways to protect your home with professional drywall services.

Moisture- or mould-resistant drywall

Using moisture- or mould-resistant drywall can come in handy if you worry about possible flooding. Homeowners can use this type of drywall in rooms where they know the humidity will be higher, like a bathroom or home gym. Mould also tends to thrive in more humid rooms, and an expert assessment can help you determine where to add moisture resistance. As a result, Stampede Drywall in Calgary offers expert drywall services that include installations for any room of the house. They can help you determine where a moisture barrier is most needed for drywall.

Fire-resistant drywall

This incredibly thick type of drywall often consists of glass fibres. The purpose of fire-resistant drywall is to decrease and slow the spread of fire. And fire-resistant drywall has many uses around the home. For example, some of its ideal uses include rooms with utilities, like garages or basements. However, there can be many other rooms in which you could apply fire-resistant drywall. Stampede Drywall offers fire-resistant drywall installation in Calgary. They will provide expert knowledge on where to install the durable type of drywall.

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

Protect your home from all the elements with suitable materials. Stampede Drywall in Calgary offers high-quality drywall installations and repairs, ceiling installations, and finishing services. Furthermore, their complete drywall services include residential and commercial applications. Stampede Drywall commits to completing the job on time and to the highest standards. Their professional drywall installations can be followed by repairs and maintenance to ensure your home maintains its value.

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