How to Regrout Tiles


Over the years, you may start to notice the grouting on your tiles looking a little grubby or worn. Don’t worry, that’s totally normal, grout isn’t invincible and will show signs of wear and tear eventually. All this means is your tiles needs a little TLC and if you’re a DIY fan, this means its time to regrout. Regrouting gives your tiles a new lease of life by creating a fresh and clean look. Remember, its important to be realistic about your skill level. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, always consult a specialist to do the job properly. There’s nothing worse than overestimating and doing a poor job that makes your tiles look less than desirable.

Things You Will Need:


  • Grout
  • Sealer/Grout Protector
  • Mixing Bucket
  • Bucket Trowel
  • Grout Rake (with spare blades)
  • Grout Float
  • Sponge
  • Clean Cloth
  • Dust Mask
  • Latex Grip Safety Gloves
  • Safety Goggles or Glasses
  • Dust Sheet




Before staring to regrout, make sure you have laid dust sheets down in the room to stop dust from settling on your furniture and fittings. Similarly, make sure drains and plug sockets are also covered. This stops a build up of dust that can clog drains and cause electrical problems. This also saves you a job of cleaning when you’ve finished regrouting.


Applying New Grout


In your bucket, mix the grout formula as specified on the packaging. Once this is done, place a dollop of the mixture on to your grout float. Start applying the grout to the grooves between the tiles. The rubber s side of the float will helps to press down and pack the grout in tightly. Make sure you are wiping away excess grout from the tile surface as you go with a cold, damp sponge.


After Care


When you’ve filled all of the joints, wipe down the surface properly with that sponge that has been soaking in cold water. Leave the grout for 10-15 minutes before giving the wall another wipe down. This gives the grout enough time to properly dry and set. Wiping the tiles makes sure you are ridding them of any grout residue that could dry on to the surface of your tiles and ruin the texture and or aesthetic. One this is done, use a dry, soft cleaning cloth to buff up the tiles.


That’s it, you’re done! Regrouting tiles is a fairly easy process that shouldn’t take too long. It’s important to maintain and look after your tiles and the grout as negligence can cause mould growth and a build up of dirt. This is why cleaning regularly is important as it not only improves hygiene, but means your tiles last longer too. As mentioned earlier, if you’re still not sure, always get a professional to come and help. For a range of beautiful tiles at trade prices, check out Tile Monkey’s range of cheap tiles.



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