How to Select A Contractor For your Work

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Whether for appliances, floors, cabinets, furniture or landscaping, finding a good contractor to do the job is important. Hiring someone unprofessional can lead to damage and additional costly repairs.

But there are so many different types of contractors that knowing who will be the best for the job can be a task in itself! Don’t be fooled by advertisements as they can be misleading. Here is a list of the different types of contractors and what they specialize in:

General contractor: is the manager of all aspects of the project, including hiring, supervising, getting permits and scheduling inspections.

Specialty contractor: deals with the installation of particular parts like cabinets, bathroom fixtures, etc.

Architect: is a person who designs homes, takes care of all the interior additions required, and major renovations that involve structural changes.

Designer/build contractor: is an individual who provides both design and build services.

If you know any friends or family members who have recently made some home improvements or home repairs, and are satisfied with the quality of work delivered, you already have a contractor you can contact. You can also check online profiles of contractors you have shortlisted, and read the customer reviews. Once you have made a list, these are some steps you should follow to narrow down your search, until you find the right contractor:

Make calls: Make quick calls to each prospect and ask them questions related to the job you have for them.

Meet face to face: Based on the phone interview, you can select three or four people and call them home. The crucial thing here is to choose a contractor you can communicate well with, since this person will be in your home for hours.

Investigate the facts: Call up former clients of the contractors to know more about the quality and reliability of their work. This stage is important since the previous clients will tell you exactly what they think and know about that contractor and his work.

Bid for your plan: You may already have a home improvement plan, which is why you are looking for the best contractor. You need to find out how much each contractor will charge to get the work done. Don’t be fooled by contractors who offer cheaper rates as they may deliver poor quality results.

Keep proof of the contract: Draw up a contract that includes all the steps for the project, from payment schedule, proof of liability, and workers compensation. This is to maintain a record of everything discussed between you and your contractor, if in case you and your contractor have differences of opinion in the future.

Once you have decided which contractor you are going to call for your home improvement plan, make sure you maintain a good rapport. This gives the contractor the peace of mind while working, and a certain level of confidence to do his work effectively. Shortlist good contractors on our site. You can select from trusted vendors that provide quality services, products and workmanship.

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