Day: August 3, 2015

Not everybody understands the importance of cleaning dryer vent, but in reality, it is really important. You will be shocked to know that more than 15, 000 home [...]

A leaking roof is a very serious affair and no matter how much you are tempted to put it on the back burner, delaying it will cause the [...]

When the desired temperature has been reached, your furnace should automatically turn off. Ideally, this is how your thermostat and furnace work together. If you find that your [...]

Whether for appliances, floors, cabinets, furniture or landscaping, finding a good contractor to do the job is important. Hiring someone unprofessional can lead to damage and additional costly [...]

Maintaining your freezer becomes much easier when you start thinking about it in parts. Any freezer is made up of a number of individual components like a condenser, [...]

Who says ice machines are only for businesses? There’s nothing stopping you from getting one for your home and reaping the benefits. These machines come in a variety [...]

If you have an old furnace in your home, then it is about time that you consider replacing it. Most modern furnaces are cost effective in many ways. [...]

While functioning, most furnaces make a low humming or rumble noise, and they even make popping or clicking noises. This is absolutely normal. But if the sounds coming [...]

Although staying warm is a top priority when it’s cold outside, it is also important to maintain a certain level of moisture in the air. A properly working [...]

When winter arrives, the last think you want is for your furnace to give out. A leaking furnace can be a reason for failure and it is also [...]