The Different Types of Ice Machines

Who says ice machines are only for businesses? There’s nothing stopping you from getting one for your home and reaping the benefits. These machines come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations, so read on to know how to choose one that suits your needs.

Ice Machines

Based on Configuration

Ice machines that are based on configurations are useful for people with a specific area in mind for the machine to be placed. They are further divided into modular, undercounter and countertop.

  • Modular ice machine

Call your friends over for drinks a lot? Perfect! A modular ice machine is designed to be placed above the ice machine bin or a soda dispenser and yields about 100 kilograms to well over 450 kilograms of ice per day.

  • Undercounter ice machine

An undercounter ice machine is best if you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen and don’t require a lot of ice.

  • Countertop ice machine

Countertop machines have the highest ice dispensing capacity. You can also get one that dispenses water as well.

  • Based on ice shape
  • Nugget ice

Nugget ice is smaller than the regular cube ice that we use, and is often spherical in shape. It’s soft and chewy, which is perfect for making slushies.

  • Flake ice

Flake ice, as the name suggests, is flaky and has the ability to mold into any shape and cool rapidly. You can use it to make blended drinks and ice cones.

Based on compressor

  • Air-cooled compressor

This type is deemed to be the most cost-effective among the different ice machines, as it saves on water costs. However, you will need to leave at least 6 inches of clearance around the air intake and discharge areas.

  • Water-cooled compressor

With a water-cooled compressor, you can regulate the ice machine according to the ambient air temperature. Water-cooled compressors also filter highly contaminated air coming from the ice machine so that your home’s air quality is not compromised.

  • Remote-cooled compressor

This compressor type is much quieter than its air or water-cooled counterparts. However, installation and maintenance of a remote setup is much more expensive. Get a remote-cooled ice machine only if you really can’t stand noise!

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