Which is the best furnace for my house

If you have an old furnace in your home, then it is about time that you consider replacing it. Most modern furnaces are cost effective in many ways. They are more energy efficient and produce heat quite steadily than the older furnaces.

best furnace

When it comes to deciding which furnace you’re going to buy, there are many points you need to consider. Before you agree to buy a particular furnace, it is best to consult a professional HVAC contractor. Your contractor will measure the heating needs of your house, according to the industry standard ‘Manual J HVAC residential load calculations’. These calculations take into account the climatic conditions you live in, the size, design and construction of your house.Besides these crucial considerations, here are a few pointers you can keep in mind while selecting the right furnace for your house:

Size matters:

It is commonly believed that ‘the bigger, the better’, which is not the case when it comes to HVAC appliances. Size does matter, but it entirely depends on the size of your house. Choosing a furnace that is too small will not be able to heat your home effectively. On the other hand, choosing a furnace that is too big will not benefit you either. A large furnace will tend to cycle on and off more frequently, which may wear out its components sooner than expected, and will also waste more energy. Also larger furnaces require massive ductwork, which need proper fittings, and having the wrong sized ducts can make airflow very noisy.


Most furnaces today run on gas. How efficiently a furnace converts gas into heat is determined by its AFUE (annual fuel-utilization-efficiency) rating, which is measured in percentage. Obviously, the higher the rating, the more efficient the furnace will be. Older furnaces usually have an AFUE of about 65%. The lowest rated furnaces allowed by the law to be sold are, 78%. Some newer models have AFUE ratings that go up to as high as 97%. Although high-efficiency furnaces are costly, they do help you save more in the longer run. Due to their high energy-efficiency, they result in much lower monthly energy bills. Things that affect energy consumption besides AFUE ratings are, the climate you live in, your local gas and electricity rates, and how well your home is insulated.

Making the choice:

Whether you decide to buy a high-efficiency furnace or you want to stick to a budget furnace, it is important to keep maintenance in mind. No matter how high the AFUE rating of your furnace is, if you do not maintain it well, it will give you problems. Be sure you consult with your HVAC contractor to know which furnace will be right for your house.

You can always approach our team of experts if you need some guidance on choosing the best furnace for your home.


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