How to Maintain Your Freezer

Maintaining your freezer becomes much easier when you start thinking about it in parts. Any freezer is made up of a number of individual components like a condenser, fan, lights, door, etc. Regular maintenance of your freezer will help you save time and money as well as increase the unit’s lifespan.

Maintain Your Freezer

Here are a number of preventive measures you can take to avoid repairs and keep your freezer in top shape.

  1. Keep the condensing unit clean

How? It’s easy. Remove the dust from the fans, compressor and condenser with a vacuum cleaner. You can also use compressed air to clean the condenser. However, you need to be cautious while using compressed air as improper use can cause dust to be blown into the compressor instead, clogging and dirtying the coils and creating more of a trouble than a solution.

2. Clean the inside of the freezer cabinet

Spilling of food substances such as milk and juices can cause corrosion within the freezer cabinet. Therefore, keep your cabinets clean and, most importantly, be careful while handling things in the freezer.

3. Keep an eye on your door gaskets

Ever wondered what causes the freezer door to seal? It’s the strip of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) along with a magnet that seals the door and adds strength to it. In case of a leaky gasket, the freezer works too hard and eventually loses its cooling capacity, which results in faster decaying of perishables. If the door gaskets are coming off, replace them as soon as possible.

4. Check interior fans and lights

Lights and evaporator fans have a direct link with the motor and need to be kept free from obstructions. The fans are particularly sensitive to bumps and dings and you need to take proper care of them. Also, keep an eye on the lights and their wiring for signs of deterioration, and be sure to call an experienced freezer specialist if there is a need for repairs.

5. Ensure adequate ventilation

The function of a condenser coil is to remove heat from the freezer. At times, when the condenser is located in a cramped space, it leads to a higher temperature around the compressor, making it difficult to function efficiently.

Keep your freezer in a well-ventilated area because,otherwise, the condenser will not do its job effectively. Use a fan for ventilation if need be, which will help further cool the condenser.

6. Avoid ice build-up

Over time, ice tends to build up on the cooling coils. This leads to building up of frost on the doors and the inside walls of the freezer. Use the defrost button regularly. Even if your unit defrosts automatically, keep an eye on it to avoid any damages.

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