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In Alberta, we rely on our furnaces, but can let the years pass by without even looking or thinking about whether it’s running properly, efficiently or safely.  Besides changing the furnace filter, you probably haven’t paid much attention to your heating system. Regular HVAC maintenance is important. It will help prevent major issues and reduce the chance of your heating system giving up in the middle of a cold winter’s night. Action Heating and Cooling in Edmonton shares more:

What happens during a furnace inspection and service?

During a furnace tune up, Action Heating and Cooling will inspect things like your thermostat, filter, motor blades, venting systems, burners, and many other parts of your furnace, to ensure it is running efficiently.  They will inspect and clean drain lines, flame sensors and even service your fan motor blades.

Variables will be measured and recorded including: amp draw on your furnace, blower motor, inducer and gas valve; recording speed on low, medium, and high settings; recording temperature differential; and checking that the furnace ran okay overall.  They might also set your gas pressure properly and your blower speed for optimal temperature rise.

After the inspection small repairs and replacing worn out parts might be recommended.

Furnace maintenance saves money.

FurnaceIf your furnace has gone many years without service, there is a good chance it’s working too hard trying to keep your house warm.  Things like dust build up in air ducts makes your system work harder and run longer to achieve a comfortable temperature. That means you are spending more on energy each month than you need to.

In addition to monthly energy savings, completing minor furnace repairs will prevent much larger, expensive repairs or replacements in the future.  Regular maintenance will give your furnace a longer life which means you won’t have to spend money on a furnace replacement as soon.

Furnace maintenance can eliminate health risks.

Having an annual furnace check up will make sure that your heating system is not putting you or your family at risk. The HVAC technician will inspect your furnace room for flammable items and other hazards that might increase the risk of fire.  They will also inspect your furnace return vents, making sure that nothing is blocking them, reducing airflow, and your furnace’s efficiency.

They will also be able to detect and remedy carbon monoxide leaks which are extremely dangerous to you and your family.

Spending a little money on his heating system now will prevent major repairs or even replacement in the future.  It will increase your system’s efficiency and lower your heating bills, and will eliminate any current or potential health risks.

Edmonton HVAC Companies

Action Heating and Cooling is a professional air conditioning and heating company with a proven reputation for great work and service. Serving Edmonton and the surrounding area, they are available to assist both residential and commercial customers with a wide range of heating and cooling issues.

Their technicians will pay close attention to the details in order to properly diagnose any issues that might affect the functioning of your HVAC system so that they can offer you options that suit your lifestyle and your budget. Because we have appointment flexibility, you can enjoy our outstanding workmanship at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Don’t get caught in the cold this winter. Call Action Heating and Cooling!


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