Improve function and value with new patio doors


Having patio doors in Edmonton is the perfect way to add appeal to your home, both inside and out. Patio doors have plenty of different designs and style options. They provide access to the deck or patio and additional natural light into your indoor living spaces. Even upgrading an old patio door to a newer model is a sound investment that will add great value and major benefits.

Boosted energy efficiency  

If you’re worried that putting in a new patio door where there wasn’t there before will cause a draft in the room, don’t! Patio doors are energy-efficient in more ways than just one, especially with GreenFox Windows & Doors. All their doors are made in Alberta and are specifically designed to stand up against Edmonton climates, whether it’s winter or summer. All their patio doors come with a low-E glass coating and enhance thermal efficiency. Thanks to the new amount of natural sunlight a patio door welcomes, you won’t reach for the light switch as often. Instead, you’ll enjoy a brighter home and steady utility bills.

Fully customizable

Picking the right door for your home involves more than just the right look; it also needs the right function. At GreenFox, they offer a full range of customizable options. You can choose added security features, stylish side lites, unique frame styles, and much more. There’s also the option to choose a wide range of colours to really dress up the door’s look, and match your home’s design inside and out. Not only do you get a stylish addition to your home, but you also get one that adds custom value to your home. Style-wise, patio doors in Edmonton come as a single door, sliding, double, and more. Each offers its own unique feature, and the pros at GreenFox can help you choose an Alberta-made door that suits you and your home best.

Enhanced security

By using vinyl, there is no risk of the doors blistering, cracking, or warping in any of Edmonton climates. That saves both on repair and upkeep costs but also eliminates any security risks from a compromised door. The patio doors are also reinforced with steel to ensure the door is sound and secure all around. For extra security, an Edmonton door company like GreenFox offers a wide range of security options and customization. Security bars, foot locks, and keyed locks are just a few of the many optional security measures available.

Enhance function in any space

Patio doors are one type of addition that will enhance any room or space simply by being added. A dining room, for example, will benefit from the elevated elegance of a stylish glass door. A kitchen connecting to the backyard is convenient for outdoor entertaining. Connecting to a deck or patio is a much more convenient method of getting outside instead of using the backdoor. Just like the flow of an open floor plan, patio doors add that same seamless connection and flow throughout your home.

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