Day: September 15, 2021

  Having patio doors in Edmonton is the perfect way to add appeal to your home, both inside and out. Patio doors have plenty of different designs and [...]

  Replacing old windows with new energy-efficient models is a smart investment that will lower your utility bills. Efficient windows are built to maintain interior home temperatures levels [...]

With so many options out there, choosing a new window for your home can feel daunting. Some window styles are better for security or efficiency; others match your [...]

Do solar panels work well in Edmonton? Yes. They work very well. Alberta is one of the sunniest provinces in Canada. Edmonton is one of the sunniest places [...]

When it comes to stunning window options, you can’t go wrong choosing the timeless look of a bay or bow window. Each style adds elevated elegance and appeals [...]

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, consider a glass shower enclosure. Shower enclosures can be framed or unframed and customized to fit almost any setup. King’s Glass [...]

Building a home or doing a whole-home renovation is a massive project. With so many different variables to consider, it can be a stressful time. When you have [...]

A home with solar panels in Edmonton will have a competitive advantage in the real estate market. A home with sustainable, green solar power is attractive to informed [...]