Interior colours that can boost resale


It’s no secret that interior paint colours will affect moods in different ways. It’s part of what affects interior paint choices, but it also plays a role in attracting potential buyers. You want colours that appeal to the masses, which lets buyers more easily imagine themselves living there.

Tru-Line Painting in Abbotsford is a professional painting company with over 20 years of experience. When it comes to buying appealing interior colours, they have some tips and experience to share:

Neutral but not boring

Neutral typically brings to mind colours such as plain white or light tan, but those aren’t the only options. When you appeal to a buyer, that also means leaving some visual interest in a room. The area should be neutral enough to allow buyers to see themselves in the space, without being too plain. For attractive neutral shades, try a light grey or light browns instead. For something with a little colour, use mauve or pastels like blue and even pink. If you’re staging the house, don’t forget to work with the furniture to avoid clashing colours.

Kitchen: bright with a hint of colour

A cool blue-grey or a crisp white are perfect choices for kitchen colours. Both shades are neutral and add either a calming warmth or crisp brightness. This also leaves plenty of room for buyers to imagine themselves in the kitchen and how to customize the look later. Those bright colours will also add a sense of spaciousness if you have a smaller kitchen without room to renovate.

Once you’ve painted the walls, don’t forget to give those cabinets some attention as well. A safe colour choice is to either leave the cabinets a crisp white or be bold and go dark. Whatever colour those walls are, kitchen cabinets should work to accentuate the room. Aside from whites or darks, pastels are another perfect touch to add just a splash of colour.

Living room: warm is best

You want to create a warm and welcoming space with living rooms, so stick to warm colours. Shades such as orange, browns, or yellows are all considered warm choices. Beige is another popular choice, but for something different, go for white. You don’t want a stark white, so choose either an off-shade or one with soft undertones. That way, your living room has that clean look, but it’s still soft enough to feel welcoming. For large living rooms and even small, warm colours are also a great way to add some spaciousness to the room.

Bedroom: add some colour

Bedroom colours are especially important since you don’t want a bold, bright colour that will keep you awake. A light shade of purple is the perfect way to add a sense of luxury to the bedroom, without dominating the space. Another appealing colour is to choose a cool green or grey with blue undertones. That creates a warm, gentle sense that is very attractive to both bedrooms and buyers.

If you have a master bathroom as well, pair the same colour theme in there. Either choose a complementary colour or choose a shade lighter or darker than the bedroom. That way, the flow of colours throughout the room will continue and create a sense of unity.

Painters in Abbotsford

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