Is it time for a new roof?

Alberta’s diverse climate can contribute to your roof’s longevity. However, if you live in Edmonton and have roof issues, you may not know what to do. Does your roof need to be replaced? Or will a few good repairs do the trick? Either way, there may be a cost associated.

Not to fear, though! JJ’s Roofing in Edmonton, based out of Stony Plain, has your back! Here they share a few factors to consider when deciding if your home is ready for a new roof.

How old?

Perhaps the most important question when considering a new roof is how old is it? The most commonly used materials for a roof are asphalt shingles. Furthermore, older styles of asphalt shingles have a lifespan of about 20-25 years. Cedar and pine shake also reach peak durability after about the 25-year mark. If your roof is made of metal and rubber, they have a longer lifespan – about 50 years. Consider where your roof fits into these age markers. This may help you decide when it’s time for a new roof.


If you are experiencing any leaks or moisture damage in your home, this is a sign it could be time for a repair or roof replacement. Multiple leaks are a sure indicator that a roof replacement may be in the near future. If you see more than just one or two places with leaks or water damage, replacing the roof will be more affordable than doing repairs.

Another factor can point to moisture damage in the home and the possibility of needing a new roof or repairs. If a room in your home smells musty, and this smell becomes stronger near your attic, give JJ’s Roofing a call!

Your shingles

You may not be able to tell what state your shingles are in. They often need an up-close look. However, knowing if your shingles are in good shape (or not) is a key indicator in understanding when your roof is ready for replacement. The granules that cover your shingles can wear off over time. Extreme weather (that means you, Alberta), trees near the roof and animal activity can speed up deterioration. Have an experienced roofing contractor visit your home to inspect your shingles. They can determine the condition of your shingles and offer suggestions for the next steps.

Roofers in Edmonton

JJ’s Roofing services Stony Plains and Edmonton. They ensure all their roofing work with a 5-year warranty! They also ensure that any products they use to build your new roof come with their manufacturer’s warranties. Customer satisfaction is essential to them, no matter the job size. From residential new and re-roofing to roofing repairs, they have you covered! Their other services include siding, soffits and eavestroughs. They also offer a range of roof materials, such as asphalt, cedar and stone-coated metal shingles.

Call JJ’s Roofing today for a free estimate!

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