Landscaping design with your home’s colours and architecture

When you plan your landscaping project, think of your yard as an extension of your home. That same sense of flow and design that you have indoors, should continue when you step outside. Things such as architecture, colours, whether you have natural stone or not, all will play into your landscape design.

Ananda Landscapes in Calgary are a professional landscaping company with a full range of services. They share some tips when it comes to combining your landscape design with your house:

Think of your house as your colour base

If you think of a colour wheel, you have the primary, secondary and tertiary colours and then neutral colours. When you combine colours, you want to pick shades that complement each other from each wheel to create different results. With colours in your landscape, the shades of your house are what will be used to match and blend together.

Pastel-coloured houses pair well with likewise pastel-coloured plants. For houses with blues or greens, you can also pair plants with bolder colours. Neutral coloured houses though, such as beige or white ones, work really well with bright contrasts. Adding pops of yellows, oranges or reds in your plants will provide a nice splash of colour. Too little colour and your yard will look bland, too much and it becomes a shock of colours. There’s no rule about how many plants or colours you can add, but finding the right balance is key.

Lines are just as important in landscapes

Take a look at the lines on your home; does it have lots of straight hard lines? Or do you have curves and arches on your house? Do you have one kind of siding or two that create borders?

If your house is a series of crisp lines, then create the same layout in your landscape: straight walking paths, courtyards with straight pillars and roofing or squared retaining walls. On the other hand, if your home has arches and curved designs, add the same in your yard. Make your pathways windy and give your retaining walls some curves.

Think as well of what style of plants you want. For a crisper yard, choose plants that grow rigid or can be pruned into certain shapes. For a more flowing landscape, plant fuller plant beds with softer plants that grow loose. When you continue the design of your house into your yard, it helps continue that sense of flow and design from one space to the next.

Blend hardscape and softscape designs

Don’t feel restrictions on what sort of added features you can incorporate into your landscape. Hardscape features, such as stone walkways or retaining walls, will work with many homes. If your house already has stone features or wood siding, adding the same to your yard will further complement this. If not, then adding it to your hardscape makes it a feature there instead. A yard that blends different textures, colours and designs, is just as important as having the same with your home’s appearance. It creates diversity, multiple points of visual interest and appeal. For some inspiration, take a look at these beautiful landscape ideas and designs.

Landscape Design in Calgary

At Ananda Landscapes, they not only have 30 years of experience, but they have years of passion for their work. Their goal is to help make your dream a reality, through customization, care and skill. They offer services in everything from backyard landscaping, garden design, installing fireplaces, courtyards and more. Whatever you dream of having in a backyard oasis, they are the ones who will help make it a reality!

Contact Ananda Landscapes now and get started on your backyard oasis!

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