Metal roofing: a smart choice for your low-sloped roof  

One of the most important choices you will make with a low sloped or flat roof is choosing the right roofing material. Traditional materials like asphalt or tiles aren’t the best options because water damage is a higher risk. Instead, consider the major benefits of choosing metal to protect your roof on your residential or commercial building.

Active Roofing in Vancouver is a professional roofing company. They share why metal roofing is a good choice for your low sloped roof:

Lightweight and weathertight 

One of the main concerns with flat roofs is water seeping beneath the shingles and causing structural water damage. With metal, however, that risk is completely removed. Metal roofs are built with an interlocking system, which helps make them completely impervious to water. Standing seam metal roofs, for example, are particularly efficient thanks to its concealed fastener design. Without any holes, exposed faster, or raised seams, there is no room to allow water to seep in. Even other weather wear, such as strong winds, hail, or temperature spikes, will likewise never be an issue as metal is incredibly resilient. Weight-wise as well, metal is the perfect choice for a flat roof. It is a naturally much lighter material than other roofing options, so there isn’t be any added structural strain.

Low-cost installation and maintenance 

Low sloped or flat roofs are typically thought of as being a high maintenance style of roof. At the same time, with a metal roof that is no longer the case. In general, metal is incredibly easy to maintain. Termites, mould, or any other damage that affects other materials will never be an issue with metal. Its durability also means there will less cause for repairs, and any that do occur tend to be low-cost to fix. 

Despite metal roofing costing more on regular sloped houses, flat metal roofs cost less. That’s because there is less overall square footage, so less material is necessary for the roof. Installation is also easier and quicker than a sloped roof, so labour costs will likewise be lower.

Long-lasting and green savings 

Another main attraction of metal roofing is its incredibly long lifespan. Once professionally installed, a metal roof can easily last between 40 to 70 years. During that time as well, a metal roof will continue to save money. Metal naturally reflects sunlight and heat, which can save upwards of 50% on any heating and cooling bills. Throughout its entire lifespan, your home will benefit from those savings. Plus, because metal roofs are made up of 25-95% of other recycled metals, they can be recycled entirely once they are replaced.

Roofers in Vancouver 

Active Roofing provides only the best in materials, workmanship, and quality when you choose them. Whether you want a metal, asphalt, or a flat roof, they guarantee quick and reliable service and help. With their support, you get absolute peace of mind that your roof is in the right hands. 

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