Should I repair or replace my deck?

Decks are a great addition to any home, but like anything, they’ll need maintenance and repair over the years. If weather, age, or other factors have caused damage to the deck, you’ll have to decide whether to try and fix your deck or start from scratch with a new deck. From JK Creative Inc. in Calgary, here is how to tell whether you should repair or replace your home’s deck.

Replace: Rotten wood

A big teller of a deck that needs replacing is when you notice the wood beginning to rot. This can be caused by weather, water damage, age, or poor maintenance. Rotting wood can be incredibly dangerous because the wood will cave beneath too much weight. Your deck is more likely to collapse when the wood rots. Once it has, there’s no going back. If you want to keep a deck as an additional space in your home, it’s best to replace the deck entirely, rather than try and repair it.

In some cases, there might be just a deck board or two that are starting to show signs of rot. If this is the case, and the rest of the deck is in solid shape, you could get away with replacing those deck boards. If there is any rot in the structural components of the deck, like joists, beams, and posts, you should have it replaced with a new deck.

Repair: Loose railings

A loose railing on your deck can be a major safety hazard, especially if your deck has a greater height. Depending on the material, it’s likely you’ll be able to simply replace this. It can be refastened with new screws, or if the railing itself is damaged or rotten, replace it entirely. Replacing a few damaged or poorly fastened railings is an easy DIY task.

Replace: Large amounts of damage

There are many factors that can damage your deck. If you have a pest like carpenter ants or termites, you might need to replace the deck entirely. Contact JK Creative to inspect the damage for you. They can determine if the entire deck is losing structural integrity or if you can get away with just replacing some deck boards. If your older deck is damaged from long-term wear and tear, treat yourself to a new deck. Not only will it be safer, but it will also improve curb appeal and your personal enjoyment of the space.

Repair: Stain

If your deck is losing its original colour or needs some revamping, re-staining the surface is an easy way to fix this. Depending on the weather conditions your deck endures, you may not have to do this often. Decks might require staining every 2 to 3 years to keep them looking great. Staining the deck is something you can potentially do yourself if you have the time and motivation. Otherwise, contact a professional to do it for you.

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