Metal roofing: corrugated metal vs standing seam

When it comes to replacing your roof with a long-lasting, durable and financially friendly option, then the most popular choice is a metal roof. When it comes to flat numbers, a metal roof can recoup 60.9% of installing it. Plus, as a no maintenance roof, once it is installed you don’t have to worry about annual care expenses. Beyond the initial decision to install metal roofing, the only other choice you have to think about is whether you want a corrugated or standing seam metal roof.

Red Panda Roofing & Siding Ltd. in Edmonton shares more of the differences and knowing which fit is best for your home:

Corrugated metal

During the 17th century, corrugated metal roofing was a popular choice because it was a moderately cheaper option. Nowadays, the cost is similar to that of asphalt shingles. However, corrugated metal is superior when it comes to balancing cost to its durability and lifespan. On average, the lifespan of corrugated roofing is between 30-45 years. Although, if properly looked after, could easily last longer. In appearance, corrugated metal is easily identified by its wave like ribbed design.

Corrugated metal is also particularly durable to extreme weather changes, but adding acrylic paint to the roofing can provide further protection. Acrylic paint also reflects sunlight, which will improve indoor insulation and lower energy costs. Thanks to the ribbed design, it creates a unique exterior aesthetic that adds more character and appeal to your home.

Standing seam

The most notable difference to standing seam metal roofing comes from its appearance. Instead of a ribbed design, this roof has large panels running vertically up the roof. The look is created from the interlocking seam system, which joins each of the panels securely together.

A downside, however, is that the initial installation cost of a standing seam is higher. This is because the cost per square foot is more and the heavier roof requires investing into labour costs. Once installed though, standing seams require the least amount of maintenance and are even more durable.

The interlocking system does create a bulkier roof, but it also makes it much more robust to harsh weather, such as hail. It also allows the roof to expand or contract, meaning the lifespan can be 50 years or more.

Which roof is for you?

Both roofs are excellent when it comes to lifespan, durability, investment and ROI, so the real factor comes down to expense and visual appearance. Corrugated metal is more affordable but has a slightly shorter lifespan than a standing seam. It also has that unique appearance thanks to the ribbed design, which should be considered with your homes architecture. Standing seam, on the other hand, costs more but has a longer lifespan and is very durable against harsher weather. It has a simpler design and, although it is bulkier and heavier, requires the least amount of maintenance.

Roofers in Edmonton

Red Panda Roofing & Siding prides itself in providing the best quality of service and care when it comes to installing a new roof for your home. They are quick, efficient, and mindful of all their clients’ needs, whether it is financial or simply helping choose the right roof.

Don’t hesitate to contact Red Panda Roofing & Siding for your next roof installation!

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