When to DIY and when to call a licensed electrician  

If the option to DIY a project or odd job around the house is a possibility, then it’s something that many homeowners will happily do. Only when the situation seems like it clearly calls for professional help, does someone with expertise and experience get called. The problem, however, is knowing when to leave something to a pro. When it comes to electrical work though, there is really very little that should be tackled as DIY. The majority of installations or fixes should actually be left to the professionals to handle.

Luckily, Precision Electrical Services in Edmonton, shares their advice for when it is okay to DIY and when you should give them a call:

DIY electrical fixes

While most electrical jobs will call for a professional, not every problem requires a homeowner to have a great deal of electrical experience. For most of the jobs that can be handled at home, a pair of pliers and a screwdriver are all the tools necessary. Problems such as replacing a light switch, an outlet or a light fixture, are simple, quick and easy jobs. Just remember to always turn off the power first and carefully follow instructions. If you’re not sure, call in an electrician.

DIY is a great way to save money, however electrical work always has its own risks and can be dangerous. So, if you aren’t comfortable or completely sure of what you are doing, always call a professional first. Read more on DIY guides to electrical fixes, so you can stay safe and be well-informed.

Licensed electrician fixes

Jobs that should be handled by a licensed electrician go beyond just things that you yourself are not comfortable doing. Some installations actually have building and electrical codes to follow, and failure to follow these can result in serious consequences. The insurance on your house may become invalid, and if damage or a fire does occur, you risk being liable.

Other jobs simply have a more complicated installation or repair process, and a wrong wire can risk damage or even spark a fire. Jobs for professionals include rewiring parts, or all, of your home, installing new circuits for high-voltage appliances, and working on an electrical panel or break box. These jobs require training, experience, and knowledge of electrical codes to safely install things. In the long run as well, hiring a licensed electrician will save you money and ensure your home is safe.

Electricians in Edmonton

When it comes to experience, expertise and professional care, Precision Electrical Services is the company to call. Whether it is installation or repairs, they strive to provide only the absolute best and certified service. When you work with Precision Electrical Services, you can rest easy knowing your home is in safe hands.

Don’t hesitate to call Precision Electrical Services for any electrical work!

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