Preventing Basement Leaks

Leaks and moisture coming into your basement can cause some major damage if not attended to promptly. A leak can occur for a number of reasons including exterior drainage problem, poor grading of your yard, cracks or holes in the basement walls or even leaky basement windows. High underground water levels will constantly apply pressure on your basement walls and windows and if you have weak points the water could get in. Abalon Foundation Repairs in Calgary gives some advice on how you can prevent leaks in your basement.

Repair cracks in your basement walls and concrete floors.

foundation crack repair CalgaryIf you have cracks in your basement you should have them inspected by a professional foundation repair company like Abalon Foundation Repairs. Cracks in the foundation can start to leak and can become a serious and larger expense in the future if not dealt with. If not fixed in a timely manner, they will get larger from moisture freezing and thawing and could even lead to costly structural damage.

Abalon Foundation Repairs will fix your cracks from the exterior. This is the correct and only way to do it. If you fix your cracks from the inside, water will get in them outside and the freezing and thawing process will cause them to expand and come apart again. Fixing them from the exterior will ensure your home is protected from moisture and leaks.

Check your eavestrough system.

One of the most common causes of moisture entering the home through the basement is a problem with your home’s eavestrough system. Fortunately, this is a pretty easy fix and there are things you can do to prevent it from ever being a problem. Make sure your eavestroughs are aways cleared of debris and that all your downspouts have long extensions that are directing water a good 10 feet away from your house. Unless all that rain water is channeled away from your house it could pool, saturate the ground and start seeping into the basement.

Check the grade of your yard.

Over the years your new house will start to settle into the ground and it could disrupt the grade of your yard. Your soil should be highest around your home and then slope gradually away from it in order to ensure run off leads away from your basement towards the street. Try to make the grade slope two inches per foot for the first four feet and then one inch per foot thereafter.

Check your basement windows.

Sometimes the underground water levels can reach above grade and seep into your basement’s window wells. Inspect your basement windows to ensure they are properly sealed, that the frames are not rotting, damaged or warped and that no moisture is getting in. If there is damage you should consider replacing your windows.

Install a sump pump.

If you have multiple cracks on your basement floor and you seem to always have moisture in your basement, you should consider installing a sump pump.  Sump pumps are installed, in most cases, beneath the basement floor. It pumps out water that collects in a surround basin and discharges it outside before it can collect in your house and cause major damage.  Abalon Foundation Repairs offers sump pump installation services.

Basement Leaks Repair in Calgary

Abalon Foundation Repair are your basement leak specialists. They offer a wide range of foundation services including foundation inspections, crack and wall repair, sump pump systems, building retaining walls, trenches, commercial and industrial repair. Learn more about Abalon Foundation Repairs!

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