Questions to ask for a successful kitchen cabinet renovation

Given all the options and considerations, transforming or adding to your cabinets can feel daunting. While working with an experienced contractor can help alleviate the stress, it’s still important to ask questions and understand the process.

Tormynak Contracting Inc. in Airdrie specializes in rebuilding or adding cabinets to match the originals. They share some questions to ask along the way to ensure your expectations are fully met:

Step one: ask away!

When starting a cabinet restoration, Tormynak Contracting believes that “no question is a stupid question!” Asking questions is simply a way to clarify what is needed or what is happening to help avoid confusion in the future. From start to finish, don’t hesitate to ask clarification questions, confirm details, and lay out expectations. Not only does this invite clearer communication, but it also helps prevent potentially different results from what was expected.

Ask about a showroom or examples.

Don’t feel you must simply envision how your home’s colours, hardware and styles will look. Start by asking about a showroom with full-sized cabinets or a gallery of past projects. In addition, you can browse the internet to find examples of cabinets and kitchens that appeal to you. As you talk through what styles and looks you want, it always helps to have a reference on hand. That way, you and your contractor can lock down the details exactly as you envision them.

What is the process?

Before any work starts, it’s essential to be aware of the process. The project timeline may vary depending on whether cabinets are added or rebuilt. It’s also good to confirm how much work will occur in your home. Some steps like priming, sanding, and painting will occur elsewhere and then be brought to your home to install. Additionally, it’s important that you can see the progress and weigh in as the project is underway. 

If the work is to restore cabinets that have been damaged, there may be more at-home steps that need to be handled. Ask your contractor about the process so you aren’t caught unaware at any step.

Will all waste be removed after?

While cabinet-based renovations cause less mess than other projects, there will still be some waste. Things like old cabinet doors and hardware must be removed and cleared out. See if your contractor will handle that waste removal and what cleaning of the space is also offered. It’ll be one less step you must worry about, which means you can enjoy the final result without delay. 

Will it match exactly?

If you have expectations about how the cabinets will look, feel, or fit in with existing ones, voice those questions. Cabinets can come in different materials, such as vinyl, laminate, or wood. It’s worth looking at better materials when updating old cabinets, but not if you match a new cabinet to an old one. Likewise, different paint finishes can have different effects, such as a shiny or matte look to the cabinet. Ensure you discuss those details with the contractor so both teams know the final look.

What’s my budget?

Don’t hesitate to be upfront and clear with your contractor about your budget. If you have a specific range in mind, let them know so they can be clear about possible looks and styles. Many companies provide free estimates, so start there to understand the overall cost. Once you sit down with a contractor, have them go over the costs of each step so you know exactly where your money is going. That way, you can also decide about splurging on extras where you can or cutting costs if possible. 

Cabinets in Airdrie

Tormynak Contracting Inc. prides itself in rebuilding or adding cabinets to match your originals. Their team strives to help clients save time and costs on projects while being a well-trusted source for unique cabinetry. From restations, additional cabinets, or modifications, their team can help.

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