Day: December 8, 2023

A plumbing emergency is the last thing anyone needs, especially in Edmonton during the winter. Aging and older homes are at a higher risk of these issues, especially [...]

Open-concept kitchens are a popular home design that promotes socialization, entertainment function, and overall flow. But before delving into an open-concept kitchen renovation, it’s essential to have a [...]

Your home’s insulation plays a critical role in its thermal performance. Your insulation provides resistance to heat flow, which helps lower heating and cooling costs. That’s why it’s [...]

Given all the options and considerations, transforming or adding to your cabinets can feel daunting. While working with an experienced contractor can help alleviate the stress, it’s still [...]

Design expertise goes a long way in home renovations. And professional design guidance has several benefits. But let’s start with what a professional designer does on a renovation. [...]

Through each season of the year, specific electrical challenges can pop up. Scheduling regular electrical maintenance for your home can help prevent any issues. However, in the winter, [...]

Kitchen renovations are known to have one of the highest returns on investments. It is considered the centre of the home, the heart, and it’s where you and [...]