Common Electrical Problems to Watch for This Winter

Through each season of the year, specific electrical challenges can pop up. Scheduling regular electrical maintenance for your home can help prevent any issues. However, in the winter, sometimes a snowstorm or extreme cold can be the catalyst for an electrical problem. In this case, calling your electrician is always the best idea. Electrical work should be left to professionals for the safety of your home and family.

In this article, McDonald Electrical Services in Edmonton shares information on common electrical problems to look out for in the winter months.

Power Outages

When snow and ice build-up on power lines, this leads to power outages in our communities. Likewise, wind can push trees onto powerlines and cause issues. Your home can be more susceptible to outages if it’s been a while since you’ve had an electrical maintenance appointment. Maintaining and updating your electrical systems is a great way to protect yourself against power outages. When a winter storm hits, sometimes we don’t have as much control as we’d like. Nevertheless, preventive actions can make a difference.

Call McDonald Electrical Services today and schedule a maintenance visit! They can help ensure your electrical panel and other electrical systems function at their best.

Tripping Breakers

During Alberta’s cold winters, our electrical needs can increase considerably. Furnaces, electrical lighting and water heaters are working harder to keep your home comfortable and as you like it. We’re also spending much more time in our homes, on electronics, using our entertainment systems and appliances. A lot of us are also turning on our space heaters.

When certain areas of the home get overloaded with power use, this can lead to tripping a circuit breaker. Sure, you can just flip your breaker back, but there are other steps that you’ll need to take. For one, when your circuit breaker trips, it’s a good idea to reduce electricity use in the area where the trip happened. Next, you’ll need to call a professional electrician. This way, they can ensure your electrical panel is still wired appropriately and is up to date.

Outdated Equipment

It’s not uncommon to experience electrical problems in winter because your electronics are old. For example, using older space heaters or electric blankets. Though it’s great to have the option for extra heat when we need it, this old equipment isn’t designed with modern safety features. As a result, they won’t work as well. If you’ve got old outlets and switches on top of this, it can create an electrical hazard.

First, ensure your space heaters and blankets are no more than five years old. Then call your trusted electrician. Your electrician will inspect to determine if your electrical systems are working safely and are up to date.

Electricians in Calgary

McDonald Electrical Services is operated by a Certified Master Electrician with 17 years of experience. Plus, this company provides five-year warranties on all their work! That’s because they’re committed to outstanding personal service. Quick turnaround times and quality workmanship are also top priorities for McDonald Electrical Services. With the motto, “Power solutions that work best for you,” McDonald Electrical Services believes in providing cost-effective electrical solutions for residential and light commercial needs.

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