All you need to know about spray foam insulation

Your home’s insulation plays a critical role in its thermal performance. Your insulation provides resistance to heat flow, which helps lower heating and cooling costs. That’s why it’s important to choose quality insulation, like spray foam, to protect your home. 

Vision Spray Systems Inc. in Port Coquitlam is a professional spray foam insulation company. They share all you need to know about spray foam and what makes it qualified to protect your home:

What is spray foam insulation? 

As its name suggests, spray foam is an insulation applied as a liquid that expands and contracts to create a solid seal. Thanks to its application method, it can seal wall cavities, exterior walls, crawlspaces, attics, small gaps, and cracks throughout a building or home. It also comes in high, medium or low-density, meaning it can be used for various needs and applications. 

Deters moisture 

Other insulation commonly comes in batts or rolls and is made of flexible fibreglass. These insulation rolls are then tucked into cavities between wall studs to provide resistance to heat flow and increased comfort. However, these types of insulation can be susceptible to water damage, requiring the insulation to be replaced entirely. Spray foam, on the other hand, dries after being applied and retains its properties. So, no matter how wet it gets, it won’t become damaged or lose its resistance capabilities. As it also gets into even the tiniest nooks, there’s little chance any water will get in to begin with. 

Boosts air quality

A key benefit of spray foam is its resistance to allergens, dust, mould, mildew, or pollen. Fibreglass-based insulation can collect these allergens or attract insects that could introduce pollen. Even when applied, spray foam doesn’t use toxic chemicals or release harmful contaminants, like formaldehyde, so your indoor air quality won’t be affected. Instead, spray foam comprises polyurethane and isocyanate, which chemically react to expand and harden once applied.


Traditional insulation loses effectiveness over time and must be replaced to maintain resistance. In contrast, spray foam performs at top quality from the day it’s applied through the decades of its lifespan. The two materials making up the foam harden in place and don’t sag or shift over time, even in extreme temperatures. It also comes with a high R-value related to its heat resistance, so there’s no need to upgrade the insulation down the road.  

Insulation Contractors in Port Coquitlam 

While spray foam is easy to install, it’s still best left to a professional team like Vision Spray Systems Inc. Their team is fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to help seal and protect your home. They can answer any questions and ensure you save money with professional and quality spray foam insulation. 

Contact Vision Spray Systems Inc. today!

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