Recessed lighting: all you need to know and how to choose

Recessed lighting is an option that can do much more than just light up a room. Their versatility means that they can be used as task lights, floor lights or even just as ambient lighting. If you’ve never used recessed lights though, it may be a little confusing to know where to start.

Hauer Power Electrical Inc. in Edmonton is a professional electrical company that offers anything from minor repairs to electrical upgrades. They explain all about recessed lighting and how to choose the right style for your home:

What is recessed lighting?

As its name suggests, recessed lighting sits inside the ceiling of your home as well as in the walls or ground. Recessed lighting has two main components to it which are the housing and the trim. The housing is what physically sits in the ceiling, walls or ground and is the light source. The trim is what you see from the outside and is what can be customized for different styles.

Where do you use it?

Where you choose to install recessed lighting will depend on what you want to use it for. Much like the rules of three with general lighting—general, ambient and accent—recessed lighting is the same. You can use it as an ambient light to simply brighten up space. Accent lighting is popular when paired with a specific focal point such as artwork or a fireplace. Or, it can work for wall washing lighting, such as on a feature wall. Take a look at some of these recessed lighting designs for some creative inspiration.

Accent lighting and wall washing are the most popular means of using recessed lighting. Spotlighting can also work in bathrooms or bedrooms, over the bathtub or to accent a closet. Likewise, wall washing can be installed outdoors in your backyard to light up walls or your patio space.

The trim is important

Choosing the right trim for your lights will play a role in adding to the room’s aesthetic and ambiance. For example, a beveled trim will add a sense of depth to the lights. For a more modern look, choose a square aperture trim, or round aperture if you want something classic. Even small details such as the trim can play a role in adding some interest to your ceiling. It will also help draw all the small elements of a room together for a complete feel.

The size of the fixture will also play a role, depending on what room they are installed in. Trims will vary in size between 2- to 6-inches in diameter. For larger areas, such as the entryway or vaulted ceilings, use the bigger-sized trims for better lighting and appearance. Smaller spaces though, such as bedrooms or living rooms, are better suited to smaller trims for a minimal addition.

Follow the rules of spacing

Too few lights and you have too many dark spots in a room, or there just isn’t enough light in general. Too many lights and your rooms become too blinding and a bright eyesore. That’s why it’s important to keep proper spacing in mind, especially if you have other lights already. An easy rule to follow is to pair the distance of each trim based on its size. Keep 2-inch trims about 2 feet apart or 6-inch trims 6 feet apart. That way, the lights won’t be too close together or too far apart.

Likewise, if you are using recessed lights as spotlights on an object or artwork, decide how to light it. Paintings or bookshelves, for example, should have the lights about 12-18 inches in front. With three-dimensional objects though, such as sculptures or fireplaces, use two or three sets. Then, align them at different angles to highlight each part of the object.

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