Renovations that benefit from custom millwork

Cookie-cutter renovations can take much of the fun out of redesigning your home. But there are custom options out there! One of the most significant ways to add some personality to your home is through custom millwork. This includes almost any wooden pieces you see around your house, like shelving, cabinetry, mantels, baseboards, trim, moulding, and furniture.

Prime Millwork in Calgary specializes in custom millwork to enhance your home renovations. Here are some of the ways they can help incorporate custom millwork into your next project:

Custom cabinets

You can have custom cabinets made for your kitchen and other rooms and places in your house. Custom cabinetry is also great for entertainment centres, libraries, small shelving, bathrooms, or garages. And when you have Prime Millwork create something custom for these larger projects, you’ll end up with something all your own, not found in any other house. In addition, custom cabinets are built to last, adding function and aesthetics to your home for years to come.

Mouldings, trim and baseboards

Sometimes, it’s all in the small details. And in your home, those small details can include your baseboards, trim, crown moulding, or accent walls. New trim, baseboards and mouldings can give your home a complete refresh. So whether you need new baseboards or want to enhance your interior design with wall sconces, a feature wall, or custom crown mouldings – contacting Prime Millwork is the best first step.

Custom furniture

Prime Millwork can take on any custom furniture piece you have in mind. This is a fun way to spruce up rooms like offices, dining rooms, living rooms, and more. A custom millwork piece of furniture is also something that will last, thanks to its superior quality. These pieces often last through generations and can serve as heirloom pieces. If you’re tired of scouring the internet for the perfect piece of furniture, consider having it made for you instead.

Fireplace mantels

A home’s fireplace is often central to the living room. And in some cases, they can be central to the entire house. It’s a focal point, and a piece of your home gets noticed. And a custom millwork fireplace mantel can add quality, value, and style to the room. Prime Millwork can work with you to make a custom mantel and fireplace surround that suits your budget and home design taste.

Millwork in Calgary

Work with Prime Millwork in Calgary to have your custom millwork projects come to life.  They offer high-quality and professional services for custom cabinetry throughout your house, custom millwork on smaller pieces, custom doors, mantels, and furniture. Prime Millwork also offers custom millwork and cabinetry for commercial properties. Custom millwork can boost your home renovation and give you a look and feel you’ll love into the future.

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