Repair & Installation of Garage Door Components

Garage door repair is not something you should ever attempt yourself. The tension of certain garage door system components is so great that if one were to spring loose, it could result in serious injury and/or damage to your vehicles. Always leave your garage door repair to seasoned professionals like Alt Garage Doors in Calgary.

Here is more information on the repair and installation of garage door components:

Torsion & Extension Springs

The springs in your garage door system are essential for the proper function of your door. They are responsible for the heavy lifting of your door. Unfortunately, overtime they can wear out and even break. When that happens, you’ll have to get them replaced as soon as possible.

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The most common type of springs are torsion springs. Some manufacturers still use extension springs. If your extension springs break, it’s recommended that you replace your system over to torsion springs. Read more about converting your garage door system on Alt Garage’s website here.

Lift Cables.

The lift cables are located on either side of the door and are responsible for lifting the door. They are under a constant tension, which can cause them to fray, unravel, come loose or snap. Because of the high level of tension, cables can be dangerous. If they snap, they can seriously injure you, damage vehicles or cause the garage door to slam down suddenly. If you need your cables replaced, please contact Alt Garage Doors to fix them.

Garage Door Openers

Your garage door operator opens and closes your garage door. It also prevents intruders from entering the garage. Just like any mechanical system, they can wear out over time and might require repair. Alt Garage Doors can diagnose the issue and recommend either repairs or a new installation.

Garage Doors

Your garage door requires regular care and maintenance. The door is in constant use and over time can suffer some wear and tear. Alt Garage Doors offers a maintenance and tune-up package. It includes a full inspection, lubrication of all moving parts and the attached garage door operator. It also includes any necessary adjustments and tightening of loose parts. After the inspection, Alt Garage Doors can recommend any replacement parts or more extensive repairs if required.

Weather Stripping

If your garage door is insulated, but your garage is still drafty, you might need new weather stripping. Just like windows and doors, your garage door needs to be sealed properly to remain energy efficient. Check your weather stripping. It should make contact all the way around the entire door. If it’s cracked, missing or damaged, it needs to be replaced. Learn how to weather seal a garage door. 

Garage Doors in Calgary

The team at Alt Garage Doors are reliable professionals. They’re locally owned and operated, offering residential garage door installation and service to Calgary and area. Alt Garage Doors is a small company, which allows them to give a personalized experience to each customer.

If you need garage door installation or repair, contact Alt Garage Doors!


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