Rubber paving versus concrete and asphalt

Pavement often brings to mind concrete or asphalt. However, rubber paving is a newer and increasingly popular option for homeowners. This is because rubber paving has extra benefits over concrete or asphalt. Rubber pavement is made from small pieces of rubber that are held together by a binder. As a result, rubber pavement gives surfaces a different look and has a different feel than concrete or asphalt.

Prairie Rubber Paving in Calgary has over a decade of experience with residential paving. They work exclusively with rubber pavement and can explain why by comparing it to asphalt and concrete.

Durability and longevity

While concrete is a durable material, it quickly weathers and forms cracks. This is also true of asphalt. Both surfaces require regular maintenance and sealing to prevent them from drying out. However, asphalt may fare better in extreme weather than concrete. Rubber pavement does not crack or show its ware quickly. This makes it one of the longest-lasting pavement options. If rubber pavement requires repairs, those will be simpler and cheaper than concrete repair.

Exterior style options

Rubber pavement has the most variety of styles. Prairie Rubber Paving has access to a wide assortment of colours and finishes. Rubber Pavement also allows more room for customization. Prairie Rubber Paving have experience creating images and designs on their surfaces for an extra wow factor. Alphalt comes as is and does not give homeowners much room for customization. Concrete provides more room for creativity than asphalt. But neither of those materials can come in as many shades and hues as rubber pavement.

Paving costs

Concrete is the most expensive option for paving. And asphalt is one of the most cost-effective paving methods. Professional rubber paving is in the middle in terms of cost. Depending on the project, rubber pavement could cost more than the alternatives upfront but will require little-to-no future maintenance costs.

Rubber Paving in Calgary

Prairie Rubber Paving in Calgary is confident in the advantages of this material. Rubber pavement is versatile, long-lasting, durable, and safe. Prairie Rubber Paving has helped Calgary homeowners see these advantages for over a decade. They can help transform any surface for any project. Their portfolio of work includes commercial spaces, school areas, and many residential projects. Their residential rubber paving in Calgary is perfect for small projects like hot tub or patio areas, walkways, steps, or garages. Plus, rubber pavement has the strength to work for driveways. You can count on Prairie Rubber Paving and their patented RubberFX installation system for beautiful results every time.

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