Signs it’s time to change your home’s colour scheme

There are many reasons why you might repaint your home. If you’re doing a renovation or your walls were damaged and have been repaired, a fresh coat of paint will complete the look. Or, if you want to modernize your home and prepare it for sale, painting can be a cost-effective upgrade with good ROI. What if you’re just tired of how your home looks and are ready for a change? That’s a good reason too!

Contemporary Coatings in Calgary is a professional painting company offering both interior and exterior work. They share some tips and signs that your home may benefit from a new look:

Your dated paint colours aren’t up-to-date

The easiest way to decide on a change is to look at the latest colour trends and see what’s popular and what’s not. If you’ve noticed your home is a bit out of date colour-wise, it might be time for modernization. While the trends do change every year, that doesn’t mean you have to get the paintbrushes out yearly. Following general shades will help keep your home in touch with popular trends. Then you can swap out your accessories and decor if you want. That both keeps the home’s value up but also ensures that it will always be appealing to potential buyers. When or if the time comes to sell, a major painting overhaul won’t have to be done. 

Your interior décor (and your taste) has changed

Changing pillow covers, furniture or other décor is often done to match the seasonal outdoor colours. When choosing new interior paint colours, an easy design tip is to pair the colours with your home’s décor. If that décor has changed and there are new shades, check to see if your wall colours still work. Too many different shades or even too few can overwhelm or take away from the room’s overall appeal. If you enjoy regularly changing the interior décor, choose neutral wall paint that will work with various other colours every time.

You want to create a relaxing space

areas of the house like bathrooms, bedrooms, or living rooms, can be used as relaxing, quiet spaces. Even a private home office or sitting nook is a great place to create a home getaway. A monochromatic scheme, often paired with modern décor, is an easy way to create relaxation. The blend of a monochromatic base colour complemented with light and dark shades helps bring balance and calmness. If you want your home to feel more relaxing, talk to the professionals at Contemporary Coatings for some paint colour scheme ideas.  

Painters in Calgary

Contemporary Coatings strives for detail, quality, and complete satisfaction with every job. Their professionals provide both interior and exterior painting services for both residential and commercial needs. If you need custom paintwork, like cabinets or furniture restoration, their team can help.

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