Signs that your home is ready for a renovation

Renovating when the need is clear is easy to plan for, but what about the more subtle signs? Living in the same space makes it easier to overlook obvious problems or areas that need a change. Renovations can help add value and make it back into a home, so knowing when it’s time for a change is key.

Redwood Renovations and Design in Calgary is a professional general contracting company. They share some signs that your home could benefit from some renovations:

There lots of open, empty spaces

Unless the design goal is to have open space, then empty space without purpose is potential value and use that is wasted. Rooms like the kitchen or living room benefit the most from maximizing space. That may mean adding new storage, installing more countertops or adding new cabinets. Even spacious hallways can be paired with new custom shelving or storage to add visual interest and function. If you need ideas, just browse online for inspiration for clever use of dead space.

The floor is aging

Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring down the appeal or value of a room. In the case of flooring, it can do a lot to age a room. Whether it’s worn-out carpet or faded hardwood, it’s worth considering an update. Even if you aren’t planning on selling soon, new flooring adds major value to a home. The right type can give your home a modern new look and even lower maintenance and cleaning. For example, vinyl flooring is low-maintenance and can imitate the look of hardwood, tile, or natural stone floors.

Function is missing

A room that is lacking in function can quickly become a sore point in a home. Kitchens especially need function and design for daily use and lifestyle. Other rooms as well, like bedrooms or bathrooms, rely on having a clear design. Is your bathroom no longer functioning well for a growing family or changing accessibility needs? Do you need to convert a space in your home into a home office or a homeschooling learning space? Take a walkthrough of your home and determine which rooms are no longer functioning in a way that best serves your needs. This will help you create the most optimal plan for your home renovation.

The minor fixes are building up

Don’t let a few minor changes and repairs build up and become major problems. When pairing a major renovation with other minor work, the process can feel overwhelming and take longer. It becomes easier to delay the work than tackle a major overhaul. Even if you don’t start a major renovation right away, focus on the little work. Updating the paint or installing new flooring can help get the renovations started and put value back into your home.

General Contractors in Calgary

Redwood Renovations and Design provide full-service help for any residential renovations. Their professionals can help with interior design, staging, and project management. With their help, your home will be transformed without any of the stress but with the best results.

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