Signs your kitchen needs an update

Renovations for function or aesthetics are all typical reasons to give a kitchen a new look. But what about when the space is still functional but just looks old and worn? If your kitchen is ready for an update, don’t avoid the signsstart planning some ideas!

Lee Thorley Construction in Vancouver offers top quality construction services for every home. They share some signs that your old kitchen is ready for a renovation:

The layout doesn’t work anymore 

Just because the kitchen layout worked when you first moved in, doesn’t mean it’s still up to the task. Maybe your family has grown, you have more cooks, or there’s too much space left unused. The main thing is that your lifestyle has changed, and your kitchen just doesn’t fit. A new floor plan can completely breathe new life into the space, and help add back function, aesthetic, and style. L-shaped layouts are great for maximizing both space and especially corner storage. A peninsula kitchen adds an island that is perfect for both open floor space and entertaining. If you’re not sure about your kitchen, just talk to a professional for their design tips and ideas.

The cabinets are dated 

Cabinets that look worn or outdated will add the same feel to the rest of your kitchen. It may be that the colour is dull, the wood stain has faded, or the design itself is clearly old fashioned. The great thing about renovating cabinets is that you have plenty of options. If the design is the issue, replace them with a whole new set. Ceiling height cabinets will add the illusion of space to your kitchen, or a clean, streamlined design will add a fresh, modern touch. If the problem is just appearances and the cabinets are still in good shape, then reface them instead for a more cost-effective change. New paint colours or stylish glass doors will go a long way to make them look brand new again. 

Your countertops are an eyesore

Countertops are a main focal point of any kitchen and a major source of value during renovations. If your countertops are stained, have visible damage, or are just hard to keep clean, it’s time for an update. The same can be said for countertops with outdated styles that have less value than newer designs. Invest in an updated material to add new value to your home and benefit your kitchen for years. For two timeless and beneficial options, consider either quartz or granite for your renovation. Both are incredibly durable and aesthetically-pleasing materials. When sealed properly, both are stain-resistant, meaning spills will never need more than a quick cleanup. The variety of colours, styles, and designs offer plenty of options for your new countertop.

Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver 

Lee Thorley Construction prides themselves on offering a full range of renovations services. With over 25 years of experience, they guarantee their team has the skill and expertise for your home. From basement and kitchen renovations to adding a new deck in your yard, they offer it all. When you need quality work, custom service, and peace of mind, Lee Thorley Construction is the company to call.

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