Solutube Daylighting let’s the light shine in

Having natural light in your home has many benefits, especially during a long and dark winter. Light from the sun is good for your health. It can improve mood, productivity, vision and even help you sleep better. Read more health benefits of natural light. If you think your home isn’t getting enough natural light, you should consider Solatube Daylighting.

Element Comfort Solutions in Vancouver shares more:

What is Solatube?

The Solatube Daylighting System can provide incredible amounts of natural light into your home, even more than regular skylights. These “light tube” fixtures are made to capture the sunlight and bring it into your home.

It is one of the most affordable ways to bring light into darker spaces like closets, bathrooms, offices and hallways where a typical skylight could not be installed.

An energy efficient home improvement.

If you can harness the power of the sun to light your home, you will need to use your electrical lighting far less. In fact, the rooms that have Solatube Daylighting might not need to have a light turned at all on during the daylight hours. This is a cost-effective and easy way to reap the health benefits of natural light while reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bill!

The newest Solatube System can store the sun’s energy during the day to power a soft-glow solar-electric nightlight. Ask Element Comfort Solutions about this new technology!

Quick and easy to install.

A Solatube skylight can be installed in just a couple of hours. No structural changes are needed, making installation quick and easy. In one afternoon, you can bring this energy efficient light solution into the darkest places in your home. Element Comfort Solutions will access the space you want more light and suggestion a Solatube solution that will work best for that space.

Beautiful natural light from Solatube Daylighting

Skylight Installation in Vancouver

Element Comfort Solutions provides you with complete supply and installation of many things that will make your home more comfortable! From Solatube Skylights, retractable awnings and motorized/retractable screens, to vinyl deck installations and whole house fans, they offer full installation with excellent products and customer service.

If you need one of these products installed, contact Element Comfort Solutions!


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