Sure signs that you need to call for foundation repair

Knowing when to call a professional to repair your foundation is crucial to keeping your home safe. A bad foundation will only get worse and even more costly but knowing when a crack is structural or not isn’t always clear. Knowing the signs of foundation trouble is crucial to protecting your home.

Basement Systems Edmonton in Edmonton offers professional foundation repair services. They share some tell-tale signs that you need professional foundation repair:

Stuck windows and doors

When the foundation shifts or becomes weaker, it can pull doorframes and window frames out of position. Don’t ignore the issue if you notice the frames or ledges creak or groan when you try to open them. A visibly crooked window is another visible indication of something wrong with your foundation. The exception is if the door frame is only crooked on the handle side. In that case, it might just be a loose screw or an old door frame. However, call in a foundation repair expert if you can’t fix the problem.

Bulging floors

Shifting foundations affect more than just the walls and ceilings; they also put pressure on your floors. Take notice if your floors are sinking to one side or bulging in the centre. Carpeted floors aren’t also so easy to notice, so look out for bunching spots. Remember that loose tile or bunching carpets could also be from poor installation. Still, a foundation contractor will be able to tell.

Excess basement moisture

One of your foundation’s roles is keeping moisture out of your basement. Moisture or water can seep in when a crack forms in the foundation. Even if you don’t notice immediately apparent signs of standing water in the basement, don’t ignore a suddenly damp or moist basement. While it could be an internal plumbing issue, don’t leave the issue alone. If patching any damage or installing a fan doesn’t clear the problem, call the foundation experts to help.

Changes in temperature

Have you noticed more hot or cold spots around your home? Or maybe your utility bills are starting to creep up each month? Unless it’s something obvious like a low-quality window, dirty furnace, or leak in your home, it could be foundational. Cracks along the walls from foundational issues can also cause damage to the insulation if it lets moisture in. Those cracks can also cause letting heat or cold air in and out and make your HVAC work harder than necessary. Before you lose more money than necessary, contact a foundation contractor to repair the problem. 

Foundation Repair in Edmonton

Since 1996, Basement Systems Edmonton has provided reputable and quality services for basement and foundation needs. They can help keep your home safe and secure, so you can guarantee peace of mind. You know who to call for any basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, foundation repair, and more.

Contact Basement Systems Edmonton for all things basementy!

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